Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excellent Customer Service

Kind of sort of. The intention was there - and it was an excellent intention.

I called maintenance on Sunday afternoon to have a couple of things looked at. The door handle on the front door is missing a piece - and without repairing it, it was only going to be a matter of time before the door handle fell off/out, completely. Who knows how that happened, since we rarely ever even use that door or the door handle. I guess that's not really true. We open it once a day to get the newspapers in the morning. The last time we either entered or exited the house out of the front door? Cannot remember. So, as to how a door handle that gets used so infrequently has started to fall apart - is beyond me. But, like I said, without getting it fixed it is going to be just a hole in the door very soon. If it was as simple as a screw or something I would have had DH take a look at it to fix it. It is not that simple. The other thing that is going wonky is the overhead florescent light in the kitchen. It sometimes turns on and it sometimes doesn't turn on. DH said, "Someone needs to take a look at the ballast." Fine. So, I requested that that be checked out, too.

The appointment was scheduled by the very nice young woman who answered the phone. I set it up for 12:30 yesterday, Monday. Two separate "maintenance jobs" - one carpentry request and one electrical request.

At 12:05 yesterday a very sweet young woman called and identified herself and said she was calling about our request for an electrician to fix the kitchen light. She wanted to know if it had been satisfactorily repaired. Honestly, she was just trying to do her job, but she jumped the gun just a little too quickly. I had to tell her that she was correct, there was an appointment scheduled, but that my appointment was not scheduled until 12:30 and she was calling me at five past twelve. How about you call me back in forty minutes or so, and I'll tell you whether or not my kitchen light was repaired satisfactorily.

I could tell by the change in the tone of her voice that she was embarrassed. Don't be. We all do things that had we have thought them through just a second or two longer we wouldn't do. I'm guilty of doing that - mostly just by what falls of the tip of my tongue - off falls off my fingertips onto my keyboard and onto my computer screen.

Cannot complain about customer service though when they are ahead of the game, right?

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