Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a Good Little Doggie!

I'm going to work on this trick with The Baby. I won't have to with The Boy - he's so fussy as it is. He'd be easy to train this way.

What a good little doggie!!!


  1. aren't you ever get tired of the nasty Obama remarks?

  2. Wake up and chew the toffee, Gina.

  3. Never, Gina!

    Not only very cute, but well trained, Shabaz.

    Thanks, vd. Did the "left" ever get tired of GWB nastiness? I think not.

  4. What a smart dog! My dh and I were offered a reduction on our mortgage from our bank from the "stimulus" fund. The banker was quite shocked and offended when we turned it down. Yes, we really could use a lower rate, but not if we have to have our sons and future grandchildren finance it. I wish more Americans would be as smart as that little pooch.


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