Thursday, August 20, 2009

Liars. They Just Don't Get It!

Has absolutely nothing to do with race, you morons. Here's what is interesting about this, though.

Watch the clip. See the man with the gun? What color is he?

You'd never know he was a black man until you see this clip:

Most of the media is in the tank for the jeja. They have their heads so far up his smelly posterior that they can't see the forest through the trees. Infuriates me. A little truth just once in a while would go a long way.

Saw this at Ace's place first, where he eloquently says:

Contessa Brewer is a dirty, lying, pus-mouthed whore.

A cheap, sore-riddled nasty bit of gutterscrunge who'll rent you her mouth for the change in your pocket.

A tawdry wallow-trollop oozing with syphilitic fester who raises her filthy skirts at the scent of crack-smoke.

A disease-dripping pincushion, the media's vile mattress of last resort, a pathogen in garish vinyl high heels, a loose-toothed croup-breathed nightcrawler reeking of bathtub gin, fungicide, and the genetic stink of human desperation.

A skanky bit of mung-trash sloughing off diseased skin like a leprous snake. (A leprous snake who whores out her verminous cloaca for two bits a pop, I mean.)

This sad clown of a whore, oozing with foul custard and slack and sloppy as an over-used trash bag, is too stupid to know how to lie judiciously, and so lies promiscuously and wantonly, demonstrating all the discretion she once showed in junior high when her nickname was "Automatic" Brewer.

By the way: No, I don't think Contessa Brewer really "did" this. She's too stupid. She doesn't have that kind of responsibility. Her job is to wear a wonderbra, eat rice pudding with a "safety spoon," blow the line producer, and read the phonetically-spelled questions someone else writes for her.

Some pale fat loser in the producer chair did it. But I don't know that porky nobody's name, and Contessa Brewer knew what was being done here, so the hell with Typhoid Brewer.


  1. such idiocy. i've been stewing over this for a couple of days.

    i have mixed feelings over his actions...sure, he was legal in doing it, but i don't know if his weapon of choice was terribly wise. that said, the media went nuts over it, even though THE WHITE HOUSE SAID HE WAS LEGALLY ABLE TO DO SO.

    ugh. i hate American news. i get most of my news from the UK, since they'll report more than they do here.

  2. There is a time and a place for everything. Not so sure that going to see the jeja with a loaded machine gun - or whatever it was - is the place. Some of the town halls on the other hand...

  3. Note that MSNBC (and others) not only very carefully edited out any part of the video showing the man's skin, but then went on to talk only about white men showing up with guns and that it must primarily be a racist reaction. Alas, people who do not read blogs will probably never hear about this...

  4. If I didn't read blogs, JohnA, I would NOT have known about it! There was the one white man who last week or the week before showed up at some town hall with a gun - because he had a carry permit - and for no "wrong" reason.

    They not only "very carefully" edited this, but they went out of their way - and then touted it as "white men" with the "race card." Enough is enough.

    Who the f^ck cares what color the jeja's skin is?!!!

  5. The media kids keep themselves carefully and willfully ignorent about guns and military matters. Half of them know damn well that a civilian assult rifle is not a machine gun and the other would cannnot understand the difference. But the deliberate disinformation about semi-automatics being machine guns has been in movies and television since the early eighties. (House-2 and a Golden Girls episode are the oldest examples i can remember.)

    The careful editing of skin color is just over-the-top lying on top of the standard bucket of crud. Do these people not know that the internet exists? When you are caught, STOP LYING; most children learn this by age six.

  6. The stooges in the press are soiling themselves once again. The cart blanc to sell air time is to call white males racists, no matter what. Add that to the panic usualy stirred up when people openly carry their guns in public, and MSM types must see big $$$. Pure BS, puro mierdo!

    They've conjured up the names of several white criminals, but I've not seen one mention the Washington DC snipers back in 2002. You know the dynamic duo with the tricked out assasin-mobile, shooting poeple in gas stations & parking lots? They are the types who should garner the medias' scrutiny. They had a bone to pick with America in general as I recall. But we're not supposed to talk about that now-a-days are we?

  7. it was an AR15. it's not a machine gun, and is considered one of those "evil black rifles" that scares the pants off the anti folks.

    that's the weapon i question, though the media likely would have gone nuts over just the guy's pistol, knowing how they enjoy sensationalizing everything.

  8. She created one of the biggest spins in media history. Blatantly obvious blunder by left-leaning MSNBC. We avoid this channel.

  9. That's infuriating. What happened to the idea that the press was simply there to report news? When and who made them the purveyors of radical liberal demagoguery?


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