Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Up to 51

Still behind last year's total. A Saudi was beheaded yesterday for murdering two people. He shot them during a dispute.

Very slow news day, here. Expect slow news days for the next month. Especially beginning as soon as the crescent moon is sighted. Office hours - and I would guess this will include newsrooms at our two papers - will be shortened. Government office hours will be cut almost in half. Good thing we don't need to get new visas or renew our license plates or something like that...

The wedding fire in Kuwait was no accident. The groom's 23-year-old ex-wife set the tent on fire in revenge for the mistreatment she got from her ex-husband while they were married. What's that saying about a woman scorned? I don't understand why she went after the women's tent instead of the men's tent, though. And, seriously, if you wanted revenge, could you not have gotten it in some other way? 41 or more dead. Including 9 Saudi's.


  1. Maybe the idiot wanted him back?

    I don't know about your parts of the Sandbox, but over my way, not only will the news be slow, it will also get delivered about once a week. For some reason, it doesn't seem to make the plane. It won't improve until after Hajj.

  2. Slow news day, granted.

    But would it be a slow news day in the US if a beheading took place as punishment for a crime?

    Beheadings would be fantastically agreed upon by me if the victim murdered or raped someone, or was guilty of terrorism.

    Heck, I'd even break out the popcorn, hot dogs and beer if that were televised.

  3. "...housemaids also said they saw the woman set the tent on fire using kerosene-soaked rags." Wait, we are going to take the word of these foreign menials? I accept her confession, but if i were to devorce a woman this crazy and mean i would leave the country and live in a cabin in the Yukon. like Albert Johnson.


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