Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No. 52

At this rate, one-a-day, last year's total will be surpassed in no time. A Saudi man was beheaded yesterday for killing a Yemeni man when a hashish deal went bad. A twofer, there. First he killed someone - one of the crimes where execution is required - and there were drugs involved. Another crime that can carry the death penalty [depending on the circumstances?]. So we are up to 52...

Arab News is getting bolder. Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a man's nationality in any of the articles. If the man [or woman] is NOT Saudi than the nationality is prominently mentioned. Today an article says, "Saudi arrested for xesual abuse." [Of course I have to spell it like that or else my own blog gets blocked from me!] Who did he allegedly xesually abuse? His own little daughters. One of them is only 9-years-old! He denies that he has done anything wrong. But, of course. Kudos for the mother for reporting him. What I want to know, though, is how long has the abuse been going on? One of the daughters is 21-years-old. She didn't know that what her father was doing to her was wrong and couldn't do anything to stop it? How about the youngest? How long as the pervert been taking advantage of her? And, if the abuse has been happening for sometime, why hasn't the mother come forward before now? Questions we will likely never know the answers to. Sadly, it is reported that one of the girls "is thought to suffer from a mental illness caused by the abuse." Gee. Ya' think?


  1. The article states if the charges prove to be true the man will face charges., what I would like to know is if that man is still living with his family? Have the authorities removed him from the home? What are they doing to protect those children from further abuse?
    And on a personal note, I wouldn't be to eager to condemn the mother. Father's who abuse ( especially if it starts when the child is small) have good control over the child and may threaten them with all sorts of things to prevent the child from talking about it. My mother never knew about it her entire life because I never told her.
    I was reading an islamic site where a woman complained about her father's sexual abuse how it has destroyed her life emtionally. The imam who answered advised her to get help for her emtotional problems and advised her per the quran she still had to show respect to her father- honor parents. And that she was forbidden from telling anyone about the abuse including the mother.It was not a saudi site.
    I don't fully understand the culture of the saudi society, but I have seen in arabnews in cases where a girl has run away from home she because of parental abuse she has been returned to the same abusive home since the father has guardianship over the girl.
    Realistically, what can a saudi female do when a father is sexually abusive to a female child? Where can she go?

  2. I would be quick to condemn the mother if she knew of the abuse - no matter what she was threatened with - or her daughters, for that matter. On the other hand, if the mother did not know...

    I don't fully understand the culture here, either, Anon, and I have been here for almost seven years. Admittedly, I have not "immersed" myself in it, however.

    Realistically what can a Saudi female do when her father is abusive? I don't have the answer to that and I suspect it happens much more frequently than is reported. Lest you think that I believe that this is the only country that this happens in - no way - read some of the horrific abuses that happen to little girls in the States. Although, more frequently than not, the abuse happens at the hands of the mother's new boyfriend or new husband. It sickens me!


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