Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lawsuit to be filed in... 3, 2, 1...

Oh yeah. For sure there will be a lawsuit. Because a woman, who happens to be Muslim, was not allowed to go swimming fully dressed. Sure, one could argue that the "burkini" is nothing more than "full coverage" swim wear but Daniel Guillaume, who is an "official in charge of swimming pools for the Emerainville region" in France differs. He says, "These clothes are used in public, so they can contain molecules, viruses, et cetera, which will go in the water and could be transmitted to other bathers." He has a good point. Sounds like there are some fairly stringent "health standards" which "require all pool-goers to don swimsuits for women and tight, swimming briefs for men - and caps to cover their hair. Bathers also must shower before entering the water."

The woman, named Carole, was refused entry into the pool for wearing her full-coverage suit, and "tried to file a complaint at a local police station, but her request was turned down as groundless." Wow. Does this mean that that particular police station has finally found a bit of spine? Did not see that coming. Not from someplace in France!

The mayor, Alan Kelyor, said that he "could not understand why the woman would want to swim in head-to-toe clothes. We are going back in civilization... Women have fought for decades for equal rights with men. Now, we are putting them back in burqas and veils." Ut-oh. I bet that his sentiments are not going to be well received.

There will, no doubt be a lawsuit filed. The woman is already out there trying to find some anti-discrimination groups to start protesting.

Carole, woman up. Put your big girl panties on and quit 'cher whining.


  1. It's France so God only knows what'll happen. Personally, I'd demand all female swimmers to be wearing really loose thongs, but that's just me...

  2. "Personally, I'd demand all female swimmers to be wearing really loose thongs..." What a surprise, that you of all people would say that, Dick. I responded to Linda at another comment - on the same Carole - that as she is a recent convert, she probably used to wear a thong and was now trying to forget "those days."

  3. Sorry, I thought you would realise my comment was tongue in cheek.

  4. No need to be sorry - thought you'd realize that mine was meant that way, too...

  5. This is going to go downhill really fast if you keep using "thong" and "cheek" in the same thread.

    Just sayin'.

  6. Are not public pools filled with water and chlorine? I don't see how her clothing could make the pool contaminated. Do they also ban board shorts?

  7. Since it is France, all swimmers should be nude to swim. Problem solved, tourists will flock.

  8. Sabra,
    I just read this over at Sweetness & Light: Apparently, in the UK, some swimmers are being forced to wear burkinis so they don't offend Muslims. Never thought France would be tougher than the Limies.


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