Friday, August 21, 2009

I Am Not As Sentimental As I Thought I Was

I missed my own blog birthday. Hmmph. This blog is now three years and 77 days old! Never even crossed my mind that it was my blog's birthday on June 5th. Imagine that. So, some 931 - or something like that [but who is counting!] - and three years and 77 days later... Yeah. Not really that much of a milestone. Nope. I'll just wait for five years to see if I'm still at it. I think I can call that one a milestone. And at that point, I'll have been in The Sandbox just shy of ten years - but a full eight - or nine years.

That, is, of course, if we are still here on June 5, 2011. Who knows? Anything can happen between now and then.

In the meantime, happy belated birthday to this blog. But more importantly, to all the readers who come and visit me - a big huge THANK YOU!!! The pleasure is all mine...


  1. Happy Birthday Blog. Must be nice to be able to see yourself in indsight, compare old posts and new ones, the problems, considerations then and now, issues then and now, rants then and now.

    How about a post on that! :)
    Congrats anway.


  2. Harrumph! Blogspost deleted my comment! >:-(

    Anyway, Congrats on your blog's 3rd birthday. I suppose you could take a look back at all them old posts and do a now/then post with the preferences, considerations, problems, and priorities that you might have written down.

    Congrats again.


  3. Happy Birthday dear Bloggy, Happy Birthday to you!


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