Friday, August 14, 2009

Looks Like I Was Right

About who gets their hands severed as punishment for the crime of theft and who doesn't. I don't know what the heirarchy is, here, as far as how the "caste" system works. We can be sure that Saudis are at the top of the ladder - and I would guess that American's are probably on the next rung down. Yemeni's? They must be somewhere in the middle of the ladder but toward the bottom - although I don't think they are at the very bottom. That would be reserved for Asians - most of whom are viewed as nothing more than disposable workers [two more, dead]. Why is it that we have never learned what it was that the Yemeni man took - his crime was theft - his punishment was amputation of his right hand? Did he steal something that has more value than equipment from a yacht or six cars or an expensive ring? Can we surmise that it is all who you know when you are a Yemeni and you commit a crime? How is it that a Saudi and a Yemeni can be convicted of theft - stealing a ring worth SR250,000 [$67,024.12] - and get sentenced to two years in prison and yet another Yemeni gets his hand chopped off?

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  1. I've heard they get hands cut off over stolen pieces of fruit.

    Religion of peace. Yeah Bush. Right on.


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