Friday, August 28, 2009

Issue Number One

I have a trip to the States planned. One of the things I plan to do while I am there is consult with a plastic surgeon. Yep. Plastic surgery. I want to have a couple of things "fixed." One of those things is my tummy. I want to find out about having a tummy tuck done. I have done some research on-line and know that it is some pretty major "elective" surgery. And from what I understand, quite painful. Whether or not this interests you - about my decision to have a tummy tuck... I do plan to do a whole series of the before and after. And, yes. I will post a photo of the "tummy" before. And then the "tummy" after. That is, if I decide to go through with it.

Have any of my readers had a tummy tuck? Does anyone know someone who has? Was it worth it to have it done? Were there true and real noticeable results? How painful was it? What was the recovery? How was the recovery? Would you recommend this type of surgery to someone? Does anyone know "the best" plastic surgeon in North Carolina [I do have a surgeon that I picked from "reviews" on-line and do have the initial consultation already scheduled - I am, however, open to suggestions of other surgeons].

As for "Issue Number Two." Having just had a very, very lengthy conversation with my Dear Mother, I have got to share what happened to her at a store yesterday. Poor thing [Mom, that is]. And "Issue Number Two" will be my next post.


  1. Go for it! It's a new day, soon it will be as common as coloring your hair. Here in South America it is very common for the middle and upper class women.

  2. Kanye West's mother had a tummy tuck. She died from complications from it.

    I think it is very sad that someone would be sooo unhappy with something cosmetic that they would risk their lives to have it 'fixed'.

    Maybe you could just try to be happy with how you are?

    No, I don't color my hair and I wear very little makeup, if any. No, I'm not thin, my hips could hold twins on them. I've got no neck, or is it no chin or is it one HUGE 2nd chin? LOL But, my husband loves me to death and I wouldn't do anything to risk him or the rest of my family losing me for the sake of vanity.

  3. Lynn - Thank you so much for that information! I did not say that I was going to do this - only that I was going to go for a consultation and check it out. Which is exactly why I am opening myself up here and putting "it" out there. I want to be advised and not just say, "I hate my tummy and I will go under the knife to get it fixed." My DH is not at all in favor of this - not at all. I am not sure that I will do it - but I want to find out what is involved if I do decide to do it. I have been on the treadmill for MONTHS and tried to limit calorie intake, etc., and nothing. It is all still right there directly in front of me. I am not unhappy with how I am, but I certainly do think I could be happier... I will not make the decision on a whim. And I will definitely be doing more research on it before deciding to do something so drastic. I had no idea that KW's mother died from this. So, again, thank you.

  4. There are health reasons to do this type of thing as well. I have a terrible back condition and it has been recommended to me to do this, not so much for the tummy tuck of the skin, but that they can re-tighten the abdominal muscles which 4 pregnancies with 4kilo+ babies have destroyed. These muscles help support the pelvis and strengthen the back.
    The same can be said for a breast reduction and bad backs. Not to mention that extra skin chaffing away in the tropics is a source for bacterial infections.
    Its not always about looks and I don't know what I might do or for what reasons I would do something. I guess it really is a personal matter.

  5. Now, is a tummy tuck synonymous with getting your stomach stapled, or is this purely a costmetic modification to the tummy region, skin only?

    A co-worker's wife died from an infection from getting her stomach stapled.

    At one time when I weighed much more than I do now, seriously considered getting a duodenal bypass but glad I went running instead!

  6. The ex had one and it kicked her butt for five very painful weeks.
    Four years later (make that five), everything looks like it did before the surgery.

    My opinion? Not worth the cost, nor the pain.

  7. Have you considered lipo? Lipo isn't anywhere near as invasive and it did wonders for my mother. My mother works out 4 days a week and could never get rid of the fat around her belly. Lipo did the trick! Even the surgeon was surprised by the amount of fat that had accumulated there.


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