Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot, Humid, Lazy

Mostly just lazy, though. And dealing with some "technical" issues as well. Like I cannot print off any photos - the error message says the program may need to be reinstalled. Or some ridiculous thing that is going to make me crazy. I'll try to put a program of news from the last few days together for tomorrow. If - big if, there - I get beyond the "mostly lazy" that I've been lately. How does that saying go? "When in Rome, do what the Roman's do..." Something like that.


  1. That's one thing I don't miss - the dry, oppressive heat over there.

  2. Take two Red Bulls with some grape juice, and call me in the morning.

    So does the humidity come from all that grey water irrigation, or the Gulf? Just wonderin'.

    Speaking of the Gulf, go fishing. Surely something's in those costal waters. Charter a half-day trip just to spice up your life!

  3. Hey Sabre...could I ask you to please put a link to my latest blog post? Its very very important to me. I would like as many people to see it as possible. Thank you.

    Cheer up...summer only last 9 months of the

  4. Hey, they put speeding radar on the Dhahran-Jubail Highway! Now they can know how fast the car was going when it transformed into a crumpled coffin.

    For light bed time reading, i present a friend with whom i have shared much of my philosophy. His 14.8.09 entry is even about me! I feel quite special now.

  5. Steve - dry and oppressive I can handle. When it is humid, though, like at 90%!!! Just even the air you breathe in is hot. And the pool, by the way, is about 92 degrees. Not refreshing. Not at all.

    Grape juice, Tim? I don't know what you're talking about. Would that be Welch's with the Red Bulls? I have a couple Red Bulls in the 'fridge. And I think I have some "Welch's" too... Hot, humid and lazy. But like I said, mostly lazy.

    Summer only lasts 9 months... Yeah. Only. CR, I read your post. I'm going to have to sleep on it. I hope it all works out though, no matter what.

    vd - as for you - as I have said a gazillion times in the past - you MUST start your own blog. "Now they can know how fast the car was going when it transformed into a crumpled coffin." Can ALWAYS count on you, vd!


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