Saturday, August 08, 2009

Woman = 30 heads of sheep and some $$$

30,000 riyals [$8,042.89]. That is the amount that a woman has to pay in order for her husband - who is some thirty-years older than her - to grant her request for a divorce. The proceedings have been going on for some seven years! The couple "produced a baby girl," and that little girl is being held "hostage" by the 50-something-year-old man until his twenty-something-year-old ex-wife pays him the divorce dowry. How much does a sheep cost, anyway? No clue. The woman was seeking a divorce as she was "unable to live with the father [of her child] due to 'age-gap and differences in ideas.'" Gee. Who would have guessed that a thirty-year age difference would eventually be a problem in a marriage?

In the same article, a man who is currently behind bars has been allowed to sign a wedding contract. This is the "first case of its kind." There will be "nuptial festivities... held at the prison center within the next two weeks." Will the groom-to-be be allowed to have a conjugal visit with his new bride? The groom-to-be is serving a five-year prison sentence. No mention of what the crime was that landed him there in the first place and no information given as to how much longer he will be behind bars.

John Edwards has a "twin" brother living in The Sandbox. "A two-timing husband out to lunch with his second wife and their child was spotted by his first wife's driver..." When his first wife confronted her husband, she found out that he has been married to the other woman for four years." Four years! And the first wife didn't suspect anything?! Perhaps if you were not wearing blinders... Doesn't say whether or not wife number one wants a divorce from her husband for marrying a second wife. Not that it matters much since husbands, here, are allowed four wives.

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  1. Just one more example of what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Women must fight for divorce then must pay to get it granted. Men just text I divorce you three times and it's done.


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