Friday, October 09, 2009

A Nobel Peace Prize. Truly a WTF moment.

Are you freakin' kidding, me? He did what?!! He won a Nobel Peace Prize?!!! FOR WHAT!!!!???

The jeja won a Nobel Peace Prize. What the f^ck is going on? Has the entire world gone totally batshit crazy insane? The jeja has accomplished virtually NOTHING but to put Americans in debt that we are never ever in a gazillion years going to be able to repay. The man is six hundred and forty-three times worse than an annoying ingrown hair that just won't go away.

Do tell, all of you that were in on this newest "joke" what it is like to be so far up the posterior cavity of the jeja? It has got to smell worse than rotten eggs a sulfur mine, but yet, y'all continue to keep yourselves firmly planted where the sun doesn't shine in this man. It has, obviously, affected any remaining particles of gray matter that were left after that bangupkissass job y'all did for the jeja in November.

I don't get it. I just don't get it. ...likely never will. I know this much for sure, though. That bulimia that I was just never quite able to grasp is going to be a whole lot easier for me now. Every time I think of "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples... citing his outreach... and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation," I am going to be able to purge. Thank you Norwegian Nobel Committee for saving me from having to have that tummy tuck in February, after all.

Never in my life have I been so thrilled that I have ironing to do this afternoon and can abuse myself that way. I shudder to think what I would do if I were in the States and out shopping, or something. Like Dick* says, "Keep those fucking obama stickers on your cars, assholes." We want need to know who you are...

*Dick - If you wouldn't have used a bad word in that particular post - the FTC one, I would have linked you. I'm not linking your blog because I don't want the powers that be here blocking any more than I already have to deal with. You understand.


  1. You know when I first read this news I thought that it was a late (or early) april fool...I simply can't understand why give the nobel prize to a do nothing president....but wait a minute those genius in Oslo gave the nobel prize to a terrorist (Arafat), an antisemite (Carter) and a fraud (Gore) so why don't give it to someone that had done nothing....I've read that among the candidates there was a woman that is fighting for the women's rights in Afghanistan why didn't she won?

  2. When I heard the news this morning (about 530am est) my first thought was "what the f...". I couldn't believe it. Then I thought... WHY? I am stunned... what was the committee thinking... maybe they weren't. Even my hubby (who I'm ashamed to say voted for him) was shocked!
    I had to check the news again just to make sure I heard correctly, I just couldn't believe it.

  3. Fiddlesticks: BHO is not trying to rid the world of atomic weapons, just the USA.

    Jimmy Carter took years to get a NPP for talking North Korea out of making atomic weapons. (No, he does not have to give it back.) It also took Carter three years to totaly trash the economy and regulate business to a standstill. We could give BHO a prize for speed, but this still feels like watching a re-run of 1977.

    “The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists - the Taliban and Hamas this morning - in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse.

    If you don't cheer, Sabra, you are a racist and you support the terrorists. And you're a racist.

  4. I AM A RACIST, vd! There said it. And, I'm comfortable with my body just like it is. Until I have plastic surgery in February. Which thanks to this stupidfuckingnobelprize has eliminated a tummy tuck. Thanks to all of you over in Norway... Don't think for a "skinny second" I am going to forget this. GAG!!! Plastic surgeons need jobs, too. DID ANYONE THINK ABOUT THAT!??

  5. We're all shocked. Even the Libtards here at work are freaking out.

    But Jimmy Carter is all over it like a fly on a rump roast.

  6. Let's see... Carter, Arafat, Gore, Michael Moore, and now O'buttlick.

    I beleive that tightly knit group tells us all we need to know about the Nobel committee.

    And yeah, me and my potty fingers.

  7. I thought the people who got the USof A into the debt was GWBush and his team during their 8 years abusing power.
    Not forgetting the backing of the financiers and arms dealers.

    BObama is having to try and sort out the pile of shit he was voted into .
    Peace Prize though !? for what?

  8. It's nuts.

    A non-serious blog post of mine tells it as it is...

  9. Why not? Their next move will be to name him God!

  10. "... is having to try and sort out the pile of shit he was voted into." Don't let facts get in your way, Anonymous. The jugearedjackass has put the U.S. into more debt than any previous administration!

    "Peace Prize though!? for what?" We can both agree on something!


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