Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Baby

Made it through her surgery. Spoke to the vet last night. I am going to be allowed to visit her for ten minutes this morning. I so want to see her, to hold her, to comfort her. The other part of me says that this is just going to upset her, though, since she will not be able to leave with me and she is going to cry up a storm. That will about kill me. I am torn between seeing her and not seeing her. I plan to take the t-shirt I wore to bed last night and leave it with her so she will have something familiar and won't feel so scared. She has only ever been away from home with Big Brother - at the kennel a couple of times before we found the world's most terrific sitter - and she has never been away from home, alone, ever. Never had to stay at the vet's - even when she was spayed, it was day surgery and we brought her home that evening. I know she is in good hands. And the vet said that she was getting pain medication in her IV, so she is probably doing nothing more than sleeping. I have a couple of hours to make the decision of whether or not to see her. Yeah. I'm going! Guess that decision is made. On the other hand, am I doing it for her, or am I doing it for me?

The vet made my decision very easy. I went, and had the consultation - an update on her post-surgical condition - and he said, "You can see her if you'd like, but really it would be best not to." Well. Alrighty, then. He didn't want her disturbed and wants her to be able to rest as quietly as possible. He candidly said that because she is as alert as she is - even though resting - that my seeing her would just "escalate things." What things, exactly? He doesn't want her even trying to move about at this point. She needs another day or so of complete rest with her IV. Tomorrow they will allow her to drink a small amount of water if she wants it. The vet knows best. He will call me tomorrow morning after he does his "morning rounds." The Baby will probably be able to come home on Saturday. Sunday, at the latest. In the meantime, she's got a t-shirt that I wore last night - and that The Boy for a couple hours this morning. I am hoping she finds some comfort in familiar smells.
Poor little girl. Things are just not the same around here without the Pretty Princess.


  1. Glad to hear things went well. I'm somewhat surprised it didn't pass on its own.

    Two of our dogs knocked a bowl of hamburger off the counter, which shattered when it hit the floor. They proceeded to scarf down the meat, glass shards and all. A long story short, using Wonder Bread and industrial strength Pepto, all the glass passed through them without harm. Thank heavens!

    I've read your blog a few times (linked from Dick's place)- if you want to see two others (mostly) about dogs, try my wife's and mine:

    Hope the Princess comes home soon.

  2. Good gosh, agiledog. Glass. YIKES!!! I'm glad your two were okay. The Pretty Princess should be home tomorrow, Sunday at the latest. The vet said there is no way she could or would have passed the "squeaky" part of the ball on her own. The ball - fabric and stuffing - probably. Not the plastic, though.

  3. How did that thing go down without her choking? Thank Heaven she is better and you will be reunited with her soon.

    Think about adopting a kitty. They never eat their toys that way. Catnip now that is a different matter.

  4. How did it go down without her choking? We likely will never know the answer to that Findalis. The vet kept the culprit ball. It is in a bag on the top of the 'fridge. See further post for update at some point.


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