Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surgery at 4P, Today

The Baby swallowed a furry squeaky ball. Her surgery is schedule to take place in an hour or so. Obviously, she will not be able to "pass" the mass - or the squeaky inside the ball. So, The Baby will be opened up so that the vet can remove a ball. Not good.

There is a big bag of trash outside by the street. Every single small squeaky toy she owns has been tossed to the curb. Never again will there be another little squeaky toy for the I-Cubes or any of the Smart Toys for The Baby.

How she was able to even able to swallow something just a bit smaller than a tennis ball - WITHOUT CHOKING - is beyond us. We were right there. We were both outside with The Kids. And it happened.


  1. Yikes!
    My cat is in labor today!

  2. Two-hundred-forty pounds of food in the pantry and not one bag of Rubber Ball Flavored yummy goodness. Well, now you know what she really likes. I hope your puppy-baby is all right soon.

  3. Oooh, "Kitty chew toys!" Just kidding, JM.

    vd - you kill me! Each and every time. First chuckle I've had today - believe me. "Two-hundred-forty pounds... not one bag of Rubber Ball Flavored yummy goodness." Dayum. That was good. Only, it's really not funny. Have no idea what this little procedure is going to cost. And the stay at the hospital, etc. Not that it matters. We don't have "family" coverage that includes The Kids. We'll just simply pay for it and that will be that. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

  4. I once saw a coon dog choke down a possum whole. Not really, just trying toss out some comic relief.
    This must be a very anxious time for you.
    I hope the surgery goes smoothly, and your dog gets well soon.
    Get her a big rawhide bone.

  5. The Pretty Princess made it through surgery just fine yesterday, TJ. She'll be there - at the vet's - until at least Saturday, though. House sure does seem quiet without The Baby.


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