Friday, October 23, 2009

The Baby Is Home!

Blogging is going to light to non-existent. I've got a Pretty Princess to keep quiet. She was not a very good patient and the vet said he thought she would probably do better with me at home. Bless you, Dr. R! Miss Pretty is laying quietly at my feet, but we're going to move to the living room, where I have her pillows and blankets all ready for her to rest on. Plans to start cleaning the garage today? Put on the back burner. Hardly important. Plenty of time for that in ten days... I'm happy to just sit and snuggle with my Pretty Princess, do some knitting and watch Fox News or Monk DVD's.

The most important thing is that The Baby is home and that she is fine, now.

If I can get photos to load - which has been a problem for a while, now - I'll post some of The Baby. And, will post a photo of the cuplrit ball which Dr. R. sent home with us this morning in a bag. [It will be deposited directly into the trash as soon as I take a picture of it. Not going to take the chance of having something so DANGEROUS in our home ever again.]

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for The Baby. I am grateful and much appreciative.


  1. So good to hear The Baby is going to be okay. Wasn't able to post earlier :-(

  2. Good to hear she is home. I know it is very hard to keep ours quiet when they get home from those unexpected Vet trips - especially if they are feeling better than before!

    Taking the time to spend with The Princess is definitely more important than other tasks.

  3. It's good to hear that Baby is home with you and that she is alright. She will recover quicker at home with you to pamper her.

  4. I'm so glad she is home and healthy. What a strange incident.

    Our baby, Penelope the Beagle, has had balls, squeak toys etc. since we first got her. She immediately chews the toy, takes the squeaker out and plays with the squeaker. Never has she tried to swallow any of them.

    That must have been some tasty toy.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. Very good to hear. Been following while dealing with kidney stones and am on Dilaudid for several days now myself. Probably know how she felt in recovery. Could move the mouse, but leaning up to type was not in the cards.


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