Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maine Voters Thrown Under the Bus

Maine voters you have just been had. Your senator, Olympia Snowe, threw you under the bus. She has an "R" next to her name, but it is a mistake. It is really a "D." She is up for reelection in 2012. Hope y'all are going to remember that she just made it abundantly clear that she really doesn't give a rats ass about you!


  1. She's not only betraying her constituents but her party as well.

    But stop and think for a moment about this.

    Blame the party for allowing her to stray out of her neck of the woods. The party leadership is not only to blame for her wandering from the pack but it is also to blame for putting up oafs like McCain and Palin to run for office when it was crystal clear that they would lose the election instantly.

  2. I do hope you all are praying. I am. Steady and hard.

  3. I agree Sabra, and since she will not change
    from an R to a D, we need this next election to be a huge cleaning house.


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