Sunday, October 25, 2009

Idiots. Surrounded by them.

Including Fox News - especially this morning - with Geraldo. What the heck is he still doing on that network, anyway? Shouldn't he be over "there" with tingles matthews or that other loud-mouth clown? What was last night's Geraldo program, we see in the morning, here. And because Geraldo couldn't get Sheriff Joe Arpaio to agree with his point of view - that all the illegal aliens should NOT have to live in fear of being locked up for breaking the law in Arizona - Geraldo picked up his toys and left, suspending the rest of his interview with the Sheriff. Why have Sheriff Arpaio on the show if he is not going to be allowed to voice his opinion? Whatever. At least Ann was there to sound the voice of reason.

Yesterday I made it very clear to Appuk that he was NOT to ring the doorbell ever again. I know what time you are supposed to come to do the gardening, and I will unlock the gate. DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL! Why? Because I am trying to keep The Baby from jumping up and racing to the door. Of course she can't race to the door because I keep her on her leash at all times and attached to me when she is not in her crate [at night]. But that doorbell rings - and she leaps up from where she is laying at my feet - and she immediately lunges to the end of her leash to get to the door. This morning? HE RANG THE DOORBELL! I had to snap. Just. Had. To. "Do NOT EVER ring that doorbell again, Appuk. Do you understand?" "Yes, Madam. No more doorbell." Did we not have THAT understanding, yesterday, you idiot?!!

Inam cleaning - lately - as much as I don't want to let him do so - he is getting on my nerves. We go over the same things day after day after day. For a while, I just decided it wasn't worth the effort of my trying to explain to him what he should and should not do and I was letting him do things on his own. Nope. He has to be closely supervised. Last week we went through how many bottles of Windex we had and how much Pledge and how much leather cleaner. Yesterday? He told me, again, we needed more leather wipes. No. We. Do. Not. Use what is in the garage you idiot! This morning we had to go over how he is NOT to touch the television clickers no matter what. Another one of my "directives" that we have been over and over and over. Just because I am not in the living room when you are dusting, does not mean that you turn the television off. Leave it on. Ditto for the kitchen. Ditto for the bedroom. That I choose to leave a huge carbon footpring [all a bunch of hooey] the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is my business - and not his - leave the television sets on. [He screws up the clicker's when he turns things off and I have to wait for DH to fix them for me.] Now, it will be noon before I can use the television set in the living room because he had to go and touch buttons that he has no business touching. Oh, there's more. But not worth going into, it will just irritate me more than I am already irritated.

This is already all over the web. "Saudi woman journalist sentenced to 60 lashes." The young woman, Rozanna al-Yami, is 22-years-old. Supposedly she is "the first Saudi woman journalist to be given such a punishment." The AP reports that Ms. Al-Yami, "worked as a coordinator for the program but has denied working on the xes-show episode... [said] it was her understanding that the judge at the court... had dropped the charges against her." The charges may have been dropped, but not the punishment, as "he [the judge] still handed down the lashing sentence 'as a deterrence.'" She will not be appealing the sentence as she is "too frustrated." Yeah. Understatement.

I would really like to be empathetic to this. Umm. No. Just not feeling it, though. A young woman in her 20's is seeking a divorce from her "octogenarian" husband. She married him to help her family out of a financial situation for 50,000 riyals [$13,404.82]. The arrangement was that the old man geezer would pay her a dowery and then provide her with her own house. Not satisfied with having three other wives... probably not nearly as young as "R.G.," the old geezer "reneged on his promises." What were those "promises," I wonder. He promised you money - you got it - and as to whether or not you got your own house, the article doesn't say, but since it is customary that all wives must be treated equally, if the other three have their own house, then you likely got that, too. So, what else did he promise? That he would forever leave you alone to live in peace in your own little house - that he would be content with his other wives, or something? And you believed him? Now the woman is begging him for a divorce and the old geezer will agree to it only "if she repays the dowry which she cannot afford to do." You made your bed... Put your big girl panties on and quit whining. "She said she is living a very miserable life because her husband is so much older than her." You don't say? Look at the bright side. He is 80-something. Life expectancy in the Sandbox? He's surpassed it.

An article about men waiting on death row - it is short - here. Says that the waiting is worse than death itself. Just be thankful you're not in the States, then, where the waiting can last for decades. Personally, I'd like to see justice practiced much more swiftly in the States. Taxpayers foot the bills for prisoners to sit around sucking up good oxygen, watch cable television, be fed, housed and lawyered up for far too long: Christoper Bernard Coleman sat around for 14 years. Stephen Lindsey Moody was on the dole for 18 years. Terry Lee Hankins cost taxpayers the least - he was only sucking up good oxygen for 8 years. [Posted by Duncan at And Rightly So...]

Dude. You're doing it wrong. No matter. Justice was served. Likely much more quickly than it is ever served in the States. "A Saudi man who murdered an elderly woman and then raped her has been executed." He was beheaded on Friday "after he was convicted for murding the woman... and then violating her corpse." [Emphasis, mine.]

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