Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jackpot at the Commissary!

Hoo Rah! Yeah!!! Man oh man oh man. Went to the Commissary yesterday for a short list of items: salmon, tuna, milk, eggs, bananas, frozen mango slices, juice, a case of Diet 7-Up and a can of cream of Celery soup. [I went in just knowing I was never going to find Cream of Celery soup. Never found poppy seeds the other day...]

With my limited and short little list, I should have spent, at the maximum, like 150 riyals. Salmon, being the most expensive item. What does a case of soda cost in the States? It is cheap, cheap, cheap here. [No tax on "sugary" drinks - or otherwise in the Sandbox. May not be one there yet, in the States, but give it time. It's coming. Along with the VAT. Someone's gotta pay for all the spending that the current congress, led by the jeja, is imposing! Unfortunately, that someone is us...] I digress.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ABOUT TWO YEARS THERE WAS REAL BUTTER! REAL BUTTER!!! The good stuff. The real stuff. Lurpak, lightly salted. I now have six kilograms of butter in my freezer. I will go back and buy more later. And for the first time in over a year - probably longer - there was cottage cheese in the dairy section, too. What gives? Did these items get brought in especially for Ramadan or Eid? Probably. But I'm not going to question it. I'm just going to be happy, happy, happy about it. I bought four little containers of cottage cheese - they are about the size of a single serving yogurt container. As I loaded them into my cart I walked around the corner thinking only one thing: Pringles. Must have Pringles. Please please please let there be plain Pringles. And guess what? There were plain Pringles, too! I use the cottage cheese as dip for Pringles. If you have never had this combination - you ARE missing out. Of course, that combination goes best with a Bloody Mary, and that, of course, isn't happening, here, but hey, I'm not complaining.

...and French Onion Sun Chips, and Cream of Celery soup!

I exited the Commissary, 800 riyals later, with a huge smile on my face. Life IS good!!!


  1. Enjoy the little things.
    When I was way down South as a youth in the service, we would have killed to hear an American female voice. Low and behold, one day the USO showed up, complete with three of the cutest little American hotties, ever!

  2. That's pretty much all I have over here, Dick. The little things... Real butter, cottage cheese with Pringles. Life could be so much worse!

  3. What a great haul, the stars must have been aligned.

    And, I HAVE dipped my Pringles (or Lays) in cottage cheese. AWESOME! With vodka and grapefruit juice over ice, of course.

  4. I was just going to tell you about cottage cheese and baked Lays (it's a diet food), but I see someone else beat me to the punch. Don't know if you can get Lays chips - - when there are no Pringles.

  5. Janice, Barbara: And here, all along, I've been thinking that potato chips [Pringles!] and cottage cheese were an original combination that I put together and that no one else had ever done...

    I'll choose to think of it this way, "great minds think alike!"

  6. Re poppy to the chef @ the GC as they had poppy seed muffins there this afternoon - homemade, which would suggest they can get poppy seeds...oddly enough, we now have the things you listed above but no corn...serious? lol


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