Sunday, October 04, 2009

Give me the clicker or else!

Come on now. What husband and wife haven't exchanged a few - umm - words over a television remote control at some point in their marriage... DH and I have been together for almost twenty years and it was established way back when that he would be in charge of "clicker control." Just wasn't an option in his book. He was the man and only men get "clicker control." Alrighty then... So, we never fought over it, that I can remember. Not that it didn't drive me crazy that he would sit and click, click, click through every single channel until he found what he wanted to watch. And even after he finally made some selection [football, golf or sci-fi!] he would continue to click away. He still clicks. Solution? Two television sets. I can watch what I want and not be bothered by his incessant clicking. Is it an issue that should cause a marriage to end? Guess it could be. Seems to me that a marriage, of three years, that ends over who controls the clicker wasn't meant to be in the first place, though.

Sadly, another marriage has ended before the honeymoon was even over. The groom died and the bride is in the hospital in critical condition. For a change, the report actually attributes the speed of the vehicle to be a cause of the accident. That and "overtaking" on a curve. PCRC.

It was a very dry and cool 74° outside this morning. Burrr. Sweatshirt weather! Thankfully it warms up during the day. Tanning season is over... The pool is cooling down - only 82° yesterday. But it is still delightful enough outside that I can sit and read all afternoon in shorts and a tank top. And just cool enough to spend the morning doing the chores that I put off all summer because it was just too hot.

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