Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life Doesn't Always Go As Planned

I'm going to be kicking myself over this for a long time.

One of the ladies in my little "Tuesday's by the Pool" group passed away this past Thursday morning. Your presence, Maureen, will be missed, but we will keep your laughter in our hearts...

Maureen has been sick for quite some time. A few years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were all thrilled to learn that after a year of treatment she was going to be fine - her doctors gave her a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, it was not too long after that that it was discovered that the cancer had moved. Her breasts were fine and clear and free of the disease but traumatically the disease had moved into her lungs, and for the last two years she has fought a long, hard battle. Always cheerfully and upbeat and with a tremendous amount of courage. She called me rather late one evening at the end of July and said, "The doctor in the States just received the results of my latest MRI and he wants me to get on a plane and come back. Right now. I'm leaving in a half an hour for the airport. Thank you for everything - I've enjoyed so much our afternoons by the pool, and the lunches, and the beverages - but mostly the friendship. I will see you this fall." That was my last conversation with Maureen.

've been home for just less than two weeks now and we pass by Maureen's house when we walk The Kids in the morning. Not a single walk has gone by where I didn't say to DH, "Remind me this evening that I have got to call Maureen and tell her we're back and see how she is doing." I never made that call. Other things - life, mostly - just got in the way and the phone call was put off. And, now, it is too late. I am sorry, Maureen.

Instead, yesterday afternoon a friend called and I learned that Maureen went into the hospital, here, on Wednesday, where the doctors told her they thought she would have two weeks. She left us on Thursday morning. Much, much too soon for such a young woman with a husband and two young teenage daughters who had so much life left to live...


  1. Yep, that one will haunt you. Best to put it behind you and move forward.
    Rest well, Maureen.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Sabra. Cancer is just a horrible, ugly disease. A hug and a prayer for you.

  3. Can't do anything but that, Dick.

    Maureen's husband spoke at the Memorial Service, here, last night. It was amazing how much strength he has - as this time - to be able to do so.

    Thank you, Linda.


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