Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emergency Trip to the Vet

Something is very, very wrong with The Baby. Yesterday was not a good day for the Pretty Princess. She threw up at least a dozen times. I am trying to convince myself it is something she ate - and that she did NOT swallow a ball.

We were all outside on Monday evening - The Boy playing with his flying squirrel, and The Baby playing with one of her little squeaky balls. The ball is gone. We threw it - she went after it - and came back "empty mouthed." DH and I have both looked for the ball. It is nowhere to be found in the back yard...

So, yesterday, the poor little thing ate very little. A couple of "treats," two bites of fish - and one bite of steak. Small bites. If she drank water, I didn't see her... No matter what went down - it came back up. This morning? She was vomiting blood. Called the Vet at 7:20 and said, "I need to bring The Baby in right now. She threw up all day yesterday, and now she is throwing up blood."

The Baby is at the Vet's as I type. He is going to do and x-ray and start an IV as she is slightly dehydrated. I"ll be sitting by the phone until he calls - he said it would be late morning.

Truly we are thankful for being able to live on a compound that allows us to have our four-legged children AND provides an entire veterinary hospital for routine care and for emergencies when they occur! At the very least, The Baby will remain there overnight with the IV drip. Oooh. She is sooo not going to be happy about that. Worse, worse things could happen though. And she is in good hands.

As soon I as I hear from the vet, I'll post an update... Until then, who cares about my trip to the Customs office the other day, and whatever is in the news today is not at all important as far as I am concerned.

The Baby. That is all I care about, right now.

UPDATE #1: The vet was supposed to call "late morning." At 12:15 - which in my book is now afternoon - I called. I asked how The Baby was doing. The receptionist put me on hold and then said, "The vet needs to speak to you and he will call you back." It is now 1:40. Still no call...

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