Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very very busy.

Unpacking boxes. Putting things away. Trying to find "new" space in our teeny, tiny little house for all the stuff we shipped over from the States. My small pantry in the kitchen currently looks like an Honest Kitchen store! 240 pounds of "canine nutrition" is now stored where I used to keep appliances and boxes of rice. The rice is now where I used to keep the bowls I use to mix my own "canine nutrition." The bowls are now over the washer and dryer. This house has been turned upside down and I've got about forty-nine different things going on all at once. Put all my new books away - which meant moving other books down or up various shelves to get them all to fit. And, if you're going to do that, well, then, you may as well clean and dust at the same time... One project just leads to another. Worked hard today. Tomorrow is going to be a repeat. Good times. Oh, yeah. Real good times.

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