Thursday, September 18, 2008


I can, at times, be somewhat outspoken. [Yeah. I know. Pretty hard to believe.] I tend to be much more verbal about certain topics than I can be here - on this, MY forum - MY blog, with regard to my life in the Sandbox - where, for the most part try, I try to keep myself "under the radar," so to speak. My quick little Non-Vacation Destination post got me a little more attention than I had imagined it would. And, on the one hand, I am absolutely thrilled; on the other hand, not so much. I do not want to be calling too much attention to myself on this blog. I can do that on a personal level in real-life, without even trying. To find out that I got mentioned, via Global Voices Online, in the on-line New York Times section, "Times Topics" was a bit of a surprise...

So who wants my autograph, now that I am just about a teeny tiny little bit almost famous?!?

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