Monday, September 29, 2008

Hamour Recipe

I'm not a big fan of Hamour. It is okay. But just okay. I found a recipe for Talipia on-line a couple of weeks ago - shortly after I'd seen Talipia at the grocery store and couldn't wait to try it. Go to get Talipia and instead of fish filets the Talipia was whole - with the skin on it still and the head. Nope. Need to have my fish already skinned and cut in nice clean looking filets, thank you. So bought Hamour. I'll wait for the Talipia filets before I do that recipe.

So I have to decide what to do with the Hamour. It needs a little more flavor than just broiling it and squeezing lemon on it - which wouldn't have mattered, anyway, since I didn't have any lemons. Duh! What was I thinking. Plan to have fish for dinner and forget to get lemons?!? I got on-line and found one recipe that sounded really good, but I only had a couple of the ingredients - and I was NOT going to the Commissary again - and I had already been to Panda and back so that was out of the question. I did a little more searching and found this recipe. I doubled the recipe for the sauce - quadrupling the amount of minced onions [oh, and I had only the RealLemon bottled juice - I did not use fresh squeezed]. It was delicious! Served it with Uncle Ben's Rice Pilau and green beans. Diner was quick and easy and tasted great! From refrigerator / cupboard to table in about 45 minutes - during which time - as the Hamour was baking, I posted about my trip to the Panda Hypermarket for bleach, so the total preparation time was in the area of ten minutes - tops. DH says that the Hamour recipe is a keeper - he asked for seconds! I'm all for the quick and easy and if it is pleasing as well? Oh my gosh. I'm all set...

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