Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Two more imported laborers have committed suicide. What more can you say, but "Rest in Peace." I would hope that authorities, here, are investigating why so many of these workers feel that there is no other way out of whatever predicament they are in...

Spoiled food has been seized. No need to guess the nationality of those involved; it is reported.

Authorities have prevented 10,000 "narcotic pills" from being smuggled. Anyone up for a quick game of "Guess the Nationality?"

No mention of the nationality of these two hashish dealers, either.

Here's another lesson the States could learn from Saudi: Rounding up illegals is NOT difficult. Saudi does it on a very, very regular basis. The States? Not so much. Keeping borders secure is not nearly as much of a priority there as it is here...

Road carnage.

A sorcerer has been arrested. Nationality, noted. On the same subject... A cleric, here, believes that "TV 'sorcerers' should be given the death penalty." I have never seen horoscope broadcast on TV, but I do remember years ago there were late-night infomercials for psychic hot-lines. Are they still being broadcast in the States? Wasn't Michael Jackson's sister - not Janet, the other one - involved with one?

That is all I have for today. I'm going to go downtown to do some shopping this morning. No doubt, my trip will be fodder for a post. Unfortunately I need to go - we need food, again. I want to get a paint sample or two at Jotun's even though I swore I'd never go back there... And I need a new "dust mop" head. Houseboys, here, do not quite seem to get the concept of a "dry" dust mop - even though I've shown them how to use one and explained what it is for. "You do not get it wet." Preet, the man who babysat and house sat for us while we were in the States used my new dust mop as a wet-mop and ruined it. I am not upset with him. He did a great job. I just don't understand why it is so difficult to believe that someone doesn't own a real mop. I hate mops. They serve no other purpose than to push dirty water around on a floor. That is why I have my floor machine... The concept is too much for household workers, here. But, then, I suspect if you live in a hut or a tent in some other country with a dirt floor it is highly unlikely that one would find a dust mop in the broom closet.

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