Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Did Not Get Swept Under the Rug!

I'm rather surprised, actually, that this didn't get swept under the rug like I predicted it would. Nope. The Saudi and his Moroccan wife will be spending four years in jail, in Dubai, and will then be deported. The initial story was reported sometime in early August, and the sentencing has been reported within seven weeks. Dubai courts do not waste any time!

I thought the drug penalties in Dubai were much more strict than just four years in jail... I was unable to find a whole lot on the Internet in this regard, but found this. Geez. Who would have guessed that poppy seeds were illegal?

[Courts in the U.S. could learn valuable lessons from Courts in the Middle East. No more coddling criminals and giving the victims no rights. Find criminals guilty of their crimes - and we all know most of them are guilty - and then sentence them. Make the punishment fit the crime. You'd see crime statistics plunge. I just know it.]

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