Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bath Time

Yesterday was bath day for The Kids, here. They are really pretty good about it. And, I have discovered that it is easier to bathe them outside with the hose than inside in the tub. This winter, when it is too cold to use the hose water and take baths outside, I'll get pictures of them in the tub. The Boy is quite good about it - no he is NOT thrilled about getting a bath - but will get into the tub when told and then stand there and not even shake until I tell him he can. The Baby on the other hand - it is a struggle - I can lift her to put her in the tub as she will NOT go willingly, but then I have to try to KEEP her in the tub and that is NOT easy!!! Pictures will tell the real story. In December... I have another two months or so that we can do the baths outside:


  1. Oh I so remember those days when washing Maxine, she was never a happy camper!!!!

    Anyhow, in answer to your question, I know dd won't be reading your blog....I got her a Coach Purse regular $398 USD for $94.50 for her birthday. She will be so, so pleased, as she has ben wanting one for the longest time, but just can't afford it. I will have to see if I can find one online to show you, otherwise I will have to take a photo.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog while we were away. I will email you when I get more organized.


  2. I knew it! Told you that you'd find GREAT deals, there, Gill. Yes, your DD will be THRILLED!!! [Didn't happen to see a navy belt, by any chance, did you?] Glad you had a wonderful vacation. Hope your DH is finally feeling better.


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