Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Double "Field Trip"

My trip to Customs wasn't the only excitement for the day on Sunday! Nope. Had double the fun - and went to DH's office with him after we were done at Customs. DH had to go to the office - he was supposed to attend a meeting - which got canceled - but he had to sign some paperwork on his desk so I went with him... Not like I could just drop him off and drive myself home! I was kind of stuck...

After we went to DH's office and he took care of a few things, I said I wanted to go see his new plane. I'd seen the last plane he
flew. I actually got to fly home from Innsbruck a couple of years ago on the "private jet" as a passenger with DH flying. It was sweet! [I want my own plane. I've already got my own pilot!] The plane is very, very nice. All bright and shiny and brand-spanking new... Why should we have to fly back and forth to the States commercially when we could fly in DH's jet? [Yeah. Don't I wish!]

We walked into the hangar and the man at the security desk stood up to shake DH's hand when DH said hello to him. DH was introducing me to Mr. Security and I held out my right hand to shake his hand. Wrong thing to do. Mr. Security RELUCTANTLY took it, but he so so so did not want to! As DH and I were walking away, DH whispered to me, "Don't you know that they don't want to shake the hand of a strange woman during Ramadan?" Oh. Whatever. Get over yourself, already, Mr. Security.

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