Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two or Three New Pets...

The humidity is at about 164% outside, today. Our windows are wet!

Tuesday was a holiday, Saudi National Day
, and many had the day off - many took yesterday off - and today, Thursday, is our "Saturday" - the weekend. There is no way I'd even contemplate venturing downtown! Apparently EVERYONE is shopping, preparing for Eid. I can only imagine that it compares to being in a mall in the States the weekend before Christmas. Hordes of people. With everyone using their ATM cards, it has, apparently, put quite a strain on the banks. I don't need the frustration and will happily stay home.

DH and I will amuse ourselves today by w
atching the last DVD of the third season of Lost. I cannot believe how addictive the show really is. I know it was all the rage when it first started - but I hadn't seen it, yet, and really just didn't think it would be something I was going to like. Man-oh-man, was I wrong on that one! We will have to wait until December 9th to see season four - it will not be available until then. Timed perfectly to coincide with our trip to the States.

We have a couple of k
ittens. Well, they aren't actually ours. They are just two of the many, many stray cats that roam our compound. Last week, as I was coming in the front door, I heard a very loud and desperate kitten's meows cries. The poor little thing - not a baby kitten - but a kitten, probably about four months old, or so - was skeletal. Nothing but bones and fur. I can't let any animal go hungry... I came inside and got some of the meat I feed to my own Kids and put it in a little plastic bowl and took it out to the kitten. The kitten doesn't want anything to do with people, and that's fine by me. The kitten has a sibling and the two of them have been coming around occasionally for food. I bought some cat food and have been putting that out for the two kittens. Probably a mistake - as I really do not want cats [or kittens] - but I just cannot not feed them. I will call animal control and see if we can get a trap to catch them. I would have no problem taking them to the vet to be spayed or neutered or even, possibly, euthanized. The two kittens - if they survive to adulthood - are just going to mean more kittens... The black and white one is the braver of the two, and has been hanging around on the patio, coming in under the gates. I cannot let either of my Kids out without first checking to make sure the kitten isn't out there. I'm more than sure that it would NOT be pretty...

We also have a lizard. He [she?] has been living under one of the refrigerators for a while now. He/she came in as an infant - it is still just a baby. Twice we've caught it and put it outside and each time it returns to the doorway so that when the door is opened, it scurries back in. I always thought the little geckos liked sun, but apparently this
one likes the dark. The Boy - as is his habit - needs to be let out to do business sometime around four or four-thirty in the morning. When I brought him back in the other day - he headed for his water bowl and I grabbed his collar. The little lizard was sitting on the far corner of the windowsill next to the Kids' tables. I know The Boy will go bonkers to get the lizard - he is, after all, the Great Tan Lizard Hunter! - and I don't want him to be able to do that. I quickly steered The Boy back to the bedroom - the lizard is so small The Boy wouldn't even taste it if he did get it. Then I grabbed the camera. The pictures didn't come out too bad, considering I did it so quickly - and had to use the flash.


  1. I'm not an expert lizardologist, but that does look like a kind that comes out at night and eats nocturnal bugs. Cute little guy/gal! Skin is probably too thin and delicate for full sunlight.

    You know, in some Third World countries they eat cats.

    Speaking of reptiles and eating cats, if you got a big enough constricting snake as a pet, that could solve the stray cat problem. (Just a thought.)

  2. YD - I'm no lizardologist, either, but I'm pretty sure our new little "house pet" is a gecko. Just a baby one. They like the heat - and you often see them sunning on the walls of our houses and compounds. I have NO idea why this one insists on being inside.

  3. Oh, and, YD, getting a snake big enough to eat the kittens is out of the question...

  4. Oh, sure... all the hungry snakes in the world, and you're keeping the kittens for yourself.

    Still, maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental... if you can't get bleach through customs, how in the world would you get a python?

  5. To funny, YD! Yep. All those hungry snakes in Africa and I won't share the kittens. And a mountain of dirty clothes, here, and no other country will share bleach!

  6. Oh we have those lizard things all over here - they climb up and around our boundary walls. I'm afraid of them!

  7. I wouldn't say I am afraid of them, L_O, and I am willing to let the little one that is living with us live under the refrigerator if that is where he/she wants to live, but... He/she really needs to remain out of sight to be safe, here.


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