Monday, September 08, 2008


Nothing has changed. Life in the Sandbox remains status quo... [Was I expecting differently after being absent for just short of a month? No. I guess not.]

Expatriate labor workers continue to commit suicide. People commit suicide around the world. There is no reason why I should be shocked by a suicide taking place on this side of the globe - saddened, yes - shocked, no. What, though, was happening in the life of this Indian man that was so terrible that he could see no solution other than flailing himself off of a fourteen-story building? That it is Ramadan and he was suffering while toiling in the humidity, heat and sun going with no water to quench his thirst or food to give his body strength? Did he miss his family? Was it that he decided that his coming, here, to earn a living, from a country where he was unable to do so, was just beyond what he was capable of doing? Rest in peace, Sir; life can no longer treat you cruelly.

Road carnage continues, unabated. And, by all means, do not hold the driver of the SUV in this accident responsible for his actions: "The accident may have been caused due to poor visibility as a dust storm was sweeping the area." There is no chance, I suppose, that the driver was speeding whilst distracted - smoking a cigarette held in one hand - his cell phone glued to his ear by his other hand - and children in the front seat performing gymnastic routines. Nah. Not here. Why no mention of the driver of the fuel tanker that the man in the SUV drove head-on into? Because he was an imported worker and not worthy? Or, after further investigation, regardless of the fact that the accident was in no way caused by him, will he be found at fault due to merely being on the road at the same time as the SUV was? [And yes, the driver of the SUV was a man, as was the driver of the fuel tanker: women are not allowed to drive here!]

Rain is always welcome in this part of the world. We got very, very little rain last year. The year before, though, it rained every single weekend in November and part of December - and by raining, I do not mean a gentle shower - but a downpour - enough to flood our garage! Whether there is any scientific method of determining that it will rain - two months from now - or whether this is merely a guess - any rain will be welcomed. We enjoyed the rain storms we experienced in the States last month - the rain washed away the dirt and the grime - leaving everything lush and green and new. No. That won't happen here, and the "rain smell" will never be the same as it is at "home" in the States, but it would be good to get some rain to force the humidity out of the air and make life outside bearable for all living things.

Every year at this time we read this story - each version might be worded just a little differently - but its gist remains the same. Tailors are gouging people for their new Eid clothing. I can't say whether the prices go up or not; there is no way I'm going to a tailor right, for anything. I've got some things to take to our tailor for alterations - but they can wait until October 3rd or 4th or 10th. This is, after all, their busiest time. But, why must the blame be put on the tailors? How about assuming a bit of responsibility for this by planning ahead and ordering your new clothes in August? Nah. Never mind...

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