Monday, September 22, 2008

Spelling and Grammar - Not Strong Points

I've been walking by this sign every day for six months now, or longer. It amuses me. [Apparently it doesn't take much.] What construction is taking place behind the wall is a mystery to me. If I was told, or knew at one point, then I don't remember; although I do seem to recall asking someone about it. Must not have been too important. But, when living on a compound where there is always some project taking place it is hard to keep up. The men in charge, here, on our compound, spare no expense in giving us amenities that are unheard of outside our walls. I am grateful for that. In many ways we are quite pampered. We have numerous "green" parks, baseball and soccer fields, a beautiful golf course - which was sand and dirt when we first moved here - but is now grass. I don't play golf, but DH does. Almost every day. The course is not only beautiful but is challenging, as well. We have state-of-the-art gyms [not that I, personally would know, as I've never been, but I have friends who use them]. There is so much more here than just our housing. And, if you are going to living in Saudi Arabia, then living on a compound as nice as this one is where you need to be. There are many other compounds, but I haven't been to one, yet, that is nearly as nice as ours!


  1. I just sent you an email, Sabra.

  2. There are other compounds in Saudi, aren't there, L.I.Riyadh???

    Got your e-mail and replied, Anonymous, via the proper forum.

  3. Beautiful mountains...but the inhabitants do not correspond..
    A few days ago in there was a news item about the wondeful "men" of Pakistan and how they buried alive some girls that dared to wish to marry by their own choice and the mothers that objected were shot.(no objection from the police or authorities, after all only women!) This will keep the women in their rightful place!! There are monsters anywhere but when they are backed up by the authorities, religious and otherwise, it seems to me that they are just a sample about the standards and quality of the country and so a cesspool is too high a place to compare them with... and this is a very generous comment!
    Hope you do not have to live too long with the kind of people who condone and encourage that kind of thing. Seems that in these countries the words father/male relative are synonimous with procurer/slaver; sorry they called them "guardiands".
    I just cannot understand how you tolerate to be there. No money would be enough for me.
    Find your comments very interesting if mild. I guess you cannot talk the truth or you might be silenced or expelled.

  4. Anonymous - It goes without saying that I do feel the need to be somewhat cautious...


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