Friday, September 26, 2008

Just for fun...

DH took some pictures of The Kids today. I'll post them when I blog tomorrow. I HAVE GOT the CUTEST KIDS in the whole wide world! Okay. Perhaps I am just a bit biased. [Oh, and by the way, my Son is incredibly handsome! Again - perhaps a bit of a biased opinion - but in my eyes... And he needs to be thankful he looks so much like his Dad and not his Mom!]

A picture of The Boy on my Mom's lap when she and Dad visited us in The Sandbox a couple of years ago:

["Yes, thank you Gramma, I am quite comfortable!"]

And, of course The Baby HAD to be in the picture, too! She is, of course, incredibly photogenic!

["But what about ME?!? Don't You WANT to hold ME, too? After all, I am The Pretty Princess!"]

P.S./Update: I'm pretty sure my Mom is NOT going to be happy about the one picture - she was squinting her eyes - and muttering something like UUGGGHHH! - but that is ONLY because 120 pounds just landed on top of her - and my Mom doesn't weigh that much soaking wet!!! [Sorry, Mom. You knew He was headed toward you and you should have been prepared. I can't take the blame...]



    cute kids - i see future doctors and astronauts

  2. Too funny, 3anooda! Too damn funny!!!

    At one point I saw future doctors and astronauts, too. Now? Well, I have the best lizard "chaser" in the whole wide world and a Policewoman - no need to worry about a "thump in the night." The Baby is ALWAYS on duty...

    Big demand in this day and age for Lizard Chasers and Lindsay Wagner/Lynda Carter look-a-likes, isn't there?


    ur hilarious - do people ever mistake ur kids for brothers / sisters???


  4. I love these pictures! Your kids are beautiful, Sabra!

  5. Why, thank you, L_O! I think they are, too, but like I said, I have a [very!] biased opinion...


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