Thursday, September 04, 2008

Home, Again

Traveling is much more work than it is cracked up to be. We are finally home. My Kids were happy, happy, happy to see Mommy and Daddy [but mostly Mommy, of course!]. We left the States yesterday - from my Mom's at 5P to the airport for a flight leaving at 7:25P out of Raleigh-Durham to Washington, D.C., then from there to Doha, Qatar, and from there to Bahrain. We arrived home at 11:48P this evening - or 4:48P East Coast time. Almost 24 long hours. Seems a heck of a lot longer with screaming children behind and next to you on your longest flight - the Washington, D.C. to Doha leg of the trip. Blogging on a regular basis will resume again, tomorrow, and as per my usual I have some things to say. First about the trip home - and how it is that screaming children and babies are allowed in Business Class, anyway?!? And why is it that during Ramadan and there is no alcohol served in the airport lounges in Middle Eastern countries... Tomorrow. That can all wait until tomorrow. Tonight? Have played with The Boy and his new flying squirrel - his old one, a favorite toy, has seen a little too much flying and landing into Great Dane teeth! It was long past due time for a new one. And, The Baby has new squeaky balls - her absolute favorite! [Trust me, there are a lot more toys in the suitcases but I don't bring them all out at once. We need to clean the toy box out. There isn't any room for all the new toys...] Will play a bit more and then get some of the unpacking done - five full suitcases along with a full golf bag [DH's only responsibility as far as the packing and unpacking goes - so that one is up to him] - and a couple of small carry-ons to take care of. Oh joy. But we are home - and for all the negativity I may give this place, the Sandbox, this IS our home for now - and it is a good thing - to be home. Traveling is fine, occasionally - and it IS wonderful to spend time with family and friends - but it is GREAT to be home with our Kids and to get to sleep in our own bed, too!


  1. glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

    If you get a chance pop on by my blog on Thursday and see what I was up to!!!

    Gill from Canada

  2. welcome back I'm sure your kids are all too happy your home.

    Mr.Man just traveled in Abu Dhabi and complained about some British women "letting the whole world know they were drinking" at the lounge. That man should never travel during Ramadhan he complains everytime lol

  3. I have no problem with Ramadan - it is just that not all of us participate - and I feel that by not serving an alcoholic beverage in the Premium Terminal in Doha forces us who do not participate to become participants - there is no "choice," and there should have been. I, personally, think this speaks volumes, but will do a separate post on it... Conversely, the British women should be ashamed that they were letting anyone - forget the whole world - know they were drinking. If you can't drink, responsibly, or in your DH's case, discreetly, you shouldn't be drinking at all...

    Kids were soooo happy to see Mommy! Brought them many, many toys, treats, and new clothes! Will make sure you get photos to show your kids about the "weird woman" who dresses her four-legged children. Hope you and Kids are settled at this point in Bahrain. Will catch up with you soon.


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