Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm pretty sure I did a post about this a week or so ago - something to the effect that said, "don't blame the tailors for your lack of planning." People were complaining about prices - insisting that tailors raised prices during this particular time. Hmmph. I'd say that if you are getting a thobe or an abeya for between 100 and 250 SR, then you are getting a damn good deal. [That is $29.67 and $74.18, in U.S. Dollars, respectively.] For goodness sake - quit whining! You're getting a brand new custom made thobe or abeya for a very reasonable price. There are many, many much more expensive abeya's to be found off the racks in shops here - and probably thobes as well. You knew Eid was around the corner - it always follows Ramadan - and you had a general idea when Ramadan was going to begin. You might have done just a little bit more planning on your part if you wanted new clothes - but for goodness sake, don't blame the tailors!

How much is 619 grams? There are 1000 grams in a kilogram, right? 619 grams is more than half of a kilogram. And someone was hiding 619 grams of heroin in his shoes? Wouldn't that mean you'd need a pretty big pair of shoes? I know nothing about heroin - have never seen it except for in movies and on t.v. Maybe I am wrong and it would be fairly easy to conceal 310 grams of heroin in a shoe, but... And, are you an absolutely crazy man that likes to take chances with your life? Did you honestly think you could get away with this stunt? Yeah. I guess so. Or you wouldn't have tried it.

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