Thursday, September 11, 2008


These men are so SOL... Might it not have behooved you to talk to a few of your compatriots before coming to the Sandbox to see how things work, here, for men such as yourselves? Good luck with your plight, but if you want to stay and work, you'll do the menial laborer jobs that you've now been assigned to do, and for a lot less compensation, for no benefits, and living conditions that are far below standard. Oh. And, you will like it. Recourse? Ha. You have none!

Just another maid... Who slit her wrist after being here for six months who was in "a constant state of shock and sadness." May peace be with you, now.

Good grief! Just how fast were you going when you crashed into the back of that garbage truck?!?

Oh my! What are the chances of this, happening? I guess, stranger things...

Hmmph. Who knew that that Chicago and Al-Jouf could be so similar?

Weather today? Same as yesterday's. Same as tomorrow's. Hot. Humid. Sunny. Some dust in the air...

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