Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Day in Massachusetts

Go Scott Brown!!! Won't know the results until tomorrow morning, here. And it is an election that will be, no doubt, fraught with fraud. Read at WZ's place that there are 600,000 voters on the rolls there that have moved or are dead. Expect the SEIU thugs and their Black Panther counter-parts to be out in full force today, making sure that each of those 600,000 votes gets counted.

Rush reported on Friday that "Voting Democrat Causes Cancer." Randall Hoven's article on that was in American Thinker, yesterday. Hmmph. Who would have thought that such a cloud would have a silver lining? The people that vote for the health care bill are the ones that are going to get cancer first. Let us know how the new coverage the government is going to provide works out for you. A pill. All you'll need to do is just take a pill.


  1. I'm in MA. Scott Brown in getting my vote today.

    You should see the size of the Coakley signs on the local union hall. Grrrrr....

  2. Thank you, Laura L!

    I donated $$$. Not living there, and all... Although I did use to live in Concord, N.H. and commuted 5 days a week to Boston for work. So glad those days are over.

    Cannot wait to get up tomorrow and see that Scott has won!!!

  3. I've got my fingers crossed. Don't live there so I can't vote, but I would if I could.

    Yes, I expect all kinds of mischief to take place.

    Right Truth


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