Saturday, January 23, 2010


New "hypermarket." Lulu. Never heard of it until a week ago. I'm not sure when it opened. Still pretty new. They have everything! Except Cascade dishwasher soap and Shout. Two items that are nowhere to be found in the Sandbox. Actually I don't care about the brand of dishwasher soap - I care about the kind. Has to be liquid. That new dishwasher that was installed a year ago? It sucks. It is a Frigidaire. If I use powered liquid - the soap container lid doesn't open. The dishwasher takes forever - the cycle is an hour and twenty minutes long. And, it doesn't dry the dishes. Sucks. Only decent thing about it is that it is quiet. I'd rather have a noisy dishwasher that doesn't care about what kind of soap it needs and one that dries dishes. Shout? Who knows why we don't have that right now. Found Comet though, and I haven't been able to find that in months, now.

The produce department was incredible. Incredible! Fruits and vegetables I have never even heard of. Well organized. Clean. Very clean. Decent bakery section. I didn't check out the deli section. Forgot to see if they have U.S. beef. Good frozen food section, too. Found some things that I haven't been able to get elsewhere - Morning Star Veggie burgers. Popsicles! Safeway/Tamimi is going to have to do better if it is going to compete with Lulu.

Anyway. Took a few photos in the store. Can I get them posted here, right now? Nope. Computer has chosen tonight to act up. Again. I just don't have the patience to wrestle with it so I'll try again in the morning.

Oh, and I got the picture of the lonely parking meter this morning, also. Along with a few other random shots of downtown... I know. The excitement on this side of the world just doesn't stop!


  1. Hey Sabra! Glad to hear Lulu's rocking for you! You've got Morning Star veggie burgers? No Boca veggie burgers? I haven't tried Morning Star burgers but I LOVE Boca's flame broiled flavored, fake meat burgers. I've lost three pounds in three weeks eating them for lunch instead of real meat. Woohoo! Hope you can get some Boca goodness over there in the Sandbox. And wasn't Scott Brown's victory great? YEAH Scott Brown!

  2. How funny. I live in Tabuk. Small city compared to Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and we can get Cascade liquid. But I can't get liquid Tide. I could for a few months a couple years back, but when it was gone, it was GONE. Shout? No and never since I've been here. Instead we have some product called Vanish Oxy that isn't too terrible.
    We got 2 new Panda markets last year. They were great. Nice produce, very good Australian and Brazilian meat, Sargento cheeses, Skippy peanut butter. Now, they are pretty much like the stores we already had. But the eggs are still better at Panda.


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