Thursday, January 07, 2010

Exciting Day? You be the judge.

Absolutely NOTHING going on here. [Not that that is a bad thing.] The most exciting thing happening in this household today is laundry. Oh - wait - I am going to pour some drain cleaner down the drain in the tub. Hair clog. Lots of hair. Can you even stand the excitement?!?

Interesting thing about the drain-o, here. I'm sure it is illegal in the States. The furthest thing from environmentally friendly as you can imagine. You pour it in the drain and you hear LOUD sizzling sounds. I mean, LOUD sizzling sounds. I wear long sleeves, rubber gloves and glasses before I even take the stuff off the shelf - and I need a step stool to get to it on the shelf. Keep it high out of reach [just in case one of The Kids opened a cupboard down low with their snouts after a treat or something -- you can't be too careful, right?].

If you accidentally get some of the liquid "sizzle" on the tub, or sink, it stains it brown and you need to scrub it off with harsh, abrasive cleanser. I am pretty sure it is beyond dangerous. I don't know what is in it, but it is some downright nasty stuff, whatever it is!

There. That's the excitement in my day, today. Absolutely thrilling. Umm-hmm.


  1. Sounds like sulfuric acid. Comes in crystalized pellets here, but if you try to buy it at the hardware store the staff assumes you are a using it to make drugs and treats you poorly.

    I hates when they assume I am making drugs when there are perfectly wholesome explosives that require various acids. The stuff you are putting down the drain sounds like something that would give the DEA, EPA and DHS some terrible fits.

  2. Note to self: Do not strap whatever you are using to make the hair in the tub drain disintegrate to your crotch when you take your next flight. vd says it will give DHS some "terrible fits."

    You think they use this stuff - whatever it is - to make drugs?! Oh My Word! I cannot even imagine. I know what it does to the hair gunky clumps!!!

  3. It's really best to not even let hair go down the drain through the use of mesh screens.

  4. I remember the old Draino in a metal can. It looked like it had pieces of metal mixed with other ingredients. You did not want to inhale the fumes, bad news.

    Right Truth

  5. Yes, it certainly sounds like acid. Around here it's sold only to licensed plumbers. It's good that you wear protective gear.

  6. I definitely remember the old Drano, too. It was awesome and dangerous as hell! Not only did it sizzle -- it smoked! Awful fumes. But it did the job. The new liquid crap just doesn't cut it. Bring back Death Drano, I say!

  7. Hey Sabra! I wish I had your Draino here. Sounds like it would deliver a permanent knock out punch to the on again/off again clog in my bathroom sink. But you're right, the stuff would almost certainly be illegal Stateside. Darn environmentalist!

  8. "Bring back Death Drano...!" Priceless!


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