Sunday, January 03, 2010

A little tiff between us. Who is right?

I am. Of course.

And what would you have done?

DH went to put a pair of shoes in the trash this morning. Work shoes. "Hey, what are you doing? We can get those resoled. I like those shoes." He said, "We are going to get new ones. I'm not paying to get these resoled." Okay. I don't blame him for not wanting to pay to have them resoled when they are a part of his uniform and the company supplies everything needed for the men in his department. The shoes are actually in pretty decent shape - the soles - they have some worn down areas. No holes or anything. They are "wing tip" looking. That is why DH doesn't like them. Too foo foo for him.

So, anyway. As we were getting ready to leave the house with The Kids to do our morning jaunt, DH grabbed the shoes and I said, "Leave them there. I need to get shoelaces for them." DH, explained that he had taken the shoe laces out in case he needs a replacement. Or something. [Just stop, right there. We can afford new shoelaces if you need them!] I said, "There is no sense putting those shoes out there that someone is going to take without shoe laces." DH said, "How many workers have you seen that wear a Size 13? Should we put socks and underwear out with them, too?" Well, I have seen a few workers that probably have pretty good sized feet - most of the workers are relatively small men, but there are a few... And yes, putting socks out with them wouldn't be such a bad idea! These guys cannot afford socks. Or shoes.

DH got all pissy. "They are trash. I'm not putting them out there for someone to take and wear." They are still in good enough condition that they can be worn for sometime, in my opinion. And, DH doesn't like them as much as he likes his plain ones. That's all. It is that simple. Believe me, if they were shoes he paid for and not a part of his uniform, we would be taking them to be resoled. I know this. DH knows this. DH says, "Why do you have to argue with me about everything?" [What the heck are you talking about?!] I responded, "You are the one arguing with me about this." We had a two or three block exchange over the shoes. [Which, by the way, are in the kitchen. I'll get some laces for them the next time I go to the Commissary. I am NOT putting shoes out with no laces. Some little worker who wears a Size 9 shoe will be wearing them, stuffing them with newspaper to make them fit, and tripping out of them because they don't have laces. I do not want that to happen.]

Part of our exchange was me stating that I cannot believe that he would be so inconsiderate as to take the laces out of old shoes just in case he needs a shoe lace for an emergency back-up. If that is such a concern, he should have voiced it sometime ago and I would have a pack of shoelaces - brand new - in preparation for such a shoe emergency. Who wears a pair of wing tip shoes without laces? Whatever.

Who was right?
You are, Sabra. You are always right.
Your husband. They are his shoes. Let him have the laces if he wants them. free polls

What would you have done?
Put the shoes out sans laces.
Put the old laces back in the shoes and put the shoes out.
Buy new laces for the shoes and put the shoes out.
Buy socks and underwear to go with the shoes.
Put the stupid shoes in the trash. Who cares?! free polls


  1. Oh my goodness, Sabra, are you not worried the nasty swarthy foriegn workers will use those shoes to CAST SPELLS ON HIM???!!! Show a little sensibilaty, woman!

  2. Let the man be.

  3. Didn't give THAT even a glimpse of a thought, vd. Guess it could happen. I'll get on-line and find someone to pay to prevent it. [In my next lifetime!]

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Figures you would side with him, TJ. You men are all alike. Sticking up for each other. The shoes will get laces. But I can tell you that not another word about them will be mentioned. That is how we "tiff." Do it. Get it over with. Then it is done.

  4. Wouldn't they have enough stuff that they could make their own laces out of the neighbors trash?

    ...Or the stash they've aready got from picking?

  5. Usually when hubby and I have a tiff, it's not about what we are actually arguing about. It's the culmination of a lot of little things and then suddenly the dam bursts.

    Had it been me, I would have let him do whatever he wanted with the shoes, laces, whatever. There are bigger things to fight about. But I'm one of those people who avoid conflict as much as I can.

    Does your hubby read your blog? I wonder what he would say about this post?

    Right Truth

  6. Kurt, I have no idea if they would find shoelaces from other people's trash. [Not if they are like, DH, they won't!] Honestly. It is a pair of shoelaces and we are blessed with so much more than these guys will ever have...

    Debbie - He reads it occasionally. I think since I've been blogging he's glanced at it a dozen times. It is this kind of thing that he does read, though. Especially since I put the poll up. He wants to know who is getting more votes. DH and I get to spend an awful lot of time together [unlike you and your DH - I know he's busy at the ER]. We have lots and lots and lots of time to talk - an hour every day just during our jaunts with The Kids. I think that this prevents us from having the opportunity for things to build up and then bust like a dam. When I said "tiff," I meant just that. Wasn't a fight. Wasn't even an argument. It was a little tiff. Lasted a couple of minutes - a couple of blocks. Then it was over. And I've got the shoes to put out for the workers...


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