Friday, January 15, 2010


Slugs? Half-snake, half-something! I came within inches - mere inches! - of stepping on this thing, yesterday:

No idea what it is. Do not need to know. Do, however, need to know that there are no more in my back yard!

We had the camel foot sprayed for bugs in the morning. I cannot count the times that outdoor pest control has been here in the three years we've been at this house. I think when we were at the townhouse the entire four years they came for some "pest" [insects] can be counted on one hand. Less than five. Not here. Ut-uh. They come regularly. If it isn't mealy bugs then it is something else.

A few days ago Appuk said, "Madam. Bu
gs. See?" He and I have difficulty communicating. [I truly believe he understands more than he lets on, but if he let on that he understood what I was saying then somehow it might mean more work for him. Or something.] Anyway, he pointed out the "bugs." Kind of sort of. He pointed out that the "bugs" were eating the camel foot and that there were a gazillion eggs from the "bugs," but he didn't actually point out the bugs.

Bugs? You and I have a completely different idea of what "bugs" are, Appuk. These are not bugs!

I shudder to think of the mess I would have had to clean out of my shoe if I would have stepped on this "bug." Thankfully DH was home. "Honey, Get It!" And he did.

A couple of dead ones, outside the back gate, where the camel foot hangs down over the privacy wall. Ruler for size reference.

This one - not dead when I took the picture - still wiggling. Yuck!

Sadly, pest control killed murdered one of our little friends. Each time they come I make them beat the bushes with a big spoon to scare the lizards out. They missed one. Rest in peace, little guy.


  1. The first one looks like a leech...but normally they don't have that big appendages...all I can say is that it is a Annelidan!

  2. It's a Spynx Moth in waiting, AKA Tobacco/Tomato hornworm.

  3. Killed those by the score in Mississippi when i was growing tomatoes. They do some damage (with their chewing, not the horn).

  4. That's either a tobacco worm or a catawba worm. And the lizard - maybe an anole? Cute little fellas. We get 'em in the house sometimes and the cat tries to "play" them to death.

  5. Yes they are some form of caterpillar, the second one looks like a tomato/potato(?) worm.

    In the the last two pictures the one looks like a Gecko, the other looks like a chameleon. Both are GOOD, they eat small insects and won't harm you. We had them in Hawaii when we lived there.

    Right Truth

  6. Definitely would leave a mess if stepped on with strappy stilettos!


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