Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yep. He said it.

Where his lips moving? Then he was lying as he read from his trusty teleprompter...

In an expected and less than stunning admission, the jugearedjackass actually said "I didn't do it." Do what? He was referencing his that debacle currently stagnating the halls of the White House, by nancy pelosi and her co-hort harry reid, known as "health care." Who was he being interviewed by? And, which pundit said he would say it wasn't his doing, first? Links to be provided as I find them if I bother searching later... [Apparently he said what he said during his most recent interview with Diane Sawyer. It's out there. I'm not embedding it. I can't stomach it, again. Saw it at WZ's place after watching it several times on Fox News today. Still don't know who it was that said he would say this, though.]

He "didn't do it." No. No, of course not. No one was accusing you. [Snort!]

Just absolutely phukking amazing. No doubt whatever he utters he actually believes. He didn't do it. Which, so far, pretty much sums up his entire first year. He hasn't done anything [but spend money*].

*Don't even bother with the "but the Bush administration was in charge did it first is at fault" crap. We're past that. It now belongs to the jeja.

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  1. "He hasn't done anything [but spend money*]."

    Except for the half-trillion or so of "Stimulus" funding that can't be spent until just before the 2010 midterms and the 2012 elections...

    Amazing how these people can't get anything they want done with COngressional majorities in both Houses and the White House, but it's always *someone else's fault* when This happens, or when That doesn't occur.

    I swear, the democrats are gonna get thumped this November, and they won't be able to blame GWB for it, either. This is a circular firing squad shouting "Ready! Fire! Aim!".


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