Thursday, January 14, 2010

Somehow, this will all be...

...Bush's fault. Like hurricane Katrina. Just wait. The spin will get there. "If only Bush would have guaranteed more funds for Haiti's infrastructure." Or some such malarkey. We all know the jugearedjackass will find a way to blame Bush. He blames Bush for every thing else that is wrong with the world. Why should the earthquake in Haiti be any different? [Interesting, though, that the jeja was able to respond to another country's tragedy in a matter of minutes when it took him three days to respond on fruit-a-kaboom. Umm hmm. A world apart. One was a natural disaster and the other was a man made disaster.]

Oh, and Bill Clinton? Just stfu. Pluheese. I know, I know. To listen to you bloviate Haiti was the next up and coming super power country. They were almost there, according to you, until this earthquake. You can donate though Bill's website - whatever it is - with a simple text message. Bill is begging for money. "Give money." That is what he said. And I think we all know that the majority of whatever is given to Bill will go directly into his own bank account. The rest - the few cents left over - will go to Haiti. Gimme a break, Bill. You've got a ton of money. If the effort to save the country of Haiti is so important to you, then you finance it. Oh, geez. There was something else this lying gas-bag said on Greta [listen to it all, if you can stomach it] that I wanted to point out. Can't remember it. Had to do with whatever the definition of "is" is...


  1. And the haitians got lost amid the anger and hate............

  2. Methinks someone has been listening to a little too much Rush Limbaugh.

  3. You nailed it!
    Anonymous, I think you are either a screeching loon, or aren't quite in tune with the Liberal mind. Take your pick

    Check out my post "Look Ma! Douche Bags!" and follow the link.

    Sabra was dead on correct.


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