Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gang raped maid. Off with her head!

Okay. That isn't her punishment. Yet. Give it time. A young Indonesian maid has been raped by EIGHT men. EIGHT! Who do you think will be punished? The men? Or the maid? The maid will be. She will be sent to prison and given lashes and absolutely nothing will happen to the men.

The poor 21-year-old woman has got to be horrified. She had only just arrived some nine short days before she was abducted by the eight masked men - men who probably were covering their faces with their ghutra's and not actually wearing masks - and brutally gang raped.

The couple short paragraphs of this nightmare ordeal are here. The men? Long gone. They kept photos of the young maid on their mobile phones, though. You think any of their friends will turn them in? Nah. They'll provide cover for them, instead.

A couple of Saudi women came to the young maid's rescue, after she was dumped out of the car near a hospital. Guess she can be thankful for that. And, for this, "A number of Saudi women have expressed their solidarity with the maid." What the heck does that mean? Why is it that so many Middle Eastern families must rely on full-time household help to begin with?

How is it that Saudi families have housemaids, but expat families rely on houseboys? I somehow think that perhaps there is something to be said with having male help. There certainly would be fewer problems in certain regards, wouldn't there. No doubt the husbands wouldn't be able to stand it, though. A male - unrelated - in the home with a wife all day? Because a driver, who is a male and unrelated is totally different.

Maids are always a problem in households. Read this. An article about non-Saudi grown women whining about their Saudi husbands. You've made your bed, now lie in it. Woman up. And quit 'yer crying. No one wants to hear it.

If you can stomach the account of some woman relating how awful her husband is you will have read this: "He began to cheat on me in our own apartment. I caught him with other ladies. [Honey, if there were other women in your apartment, in your bed, they were NOT ladies. 'Ho's, maybe. But not ladies.] The most painful was when I caught him in [a] compromising position with the housemaid who had been working with us for six years." I know. We all know. It was the housemaid's fault. It always is. And never, of course, the fault of your low-life-two-timing-cheating husband.

Just because it can be bothersome to read such awful stories about life on this side of the world, if you are in need of something more pleasing, go read an A-List post at an A-List blog. A-List. Because Dogette and her friend Laura are now "A-Listers" in their own minds. Heh. If you want to read about dog poop, that is where you're going to find that kind of thing. Am I worried about losing traffic? Nah. I got my own special little award a week or so ago and my traffic has doubled! I should share it with you... Because I don't care enough about Haiti then I'm a _______bag. Or something like that. Maybe I'll bother dissecting it and sharing it later. Probably not. Mostly I just don't care. I really don't.


  1. You got an award for not being sensitive and caring? Damn I'm falling behind. That's so cool. It's so easy to get people upthet, isn't it? The internet. Gotta love it.

  2. Hello, Sabra! (Lovely name, btw. I have a niece of that same name, not very common.)

    Definitely, I must put your blog on my sidebar and tout your A-List abilities! Heh.


  3. Oooh! Tell me how you got an award, please? I oculdn't get Barack Obama to put me on his Enemies List, or John Edwards to send a Union Thug to beat me up, or even get Al Gore to take me up on a threat to kick his lilly-white-a*s, despite my best efforts. It woud be so nice to finally get something out of all them words I wrote...

  4. A-List? Screw that. I want to be on the NSFW list.

  5. I hope the young Indonesian lady makes it back to her home country soon, and in one piece.


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