Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Too Dayum Funny

Saudi posing as pilot. Picture here. He says it is all a mistake. But not his mistake. No. No. Of course not.

Actually, in light of ALL of the fairly recent events, it isn't all that funny, is it? [Anyone seeing a pattern, there? Hmmm. Umm, yeah. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.]


  1. Not his fault. Of course not. It is the fault of the security guys who let a "pilot" through. Then caught him. Maybe that is what he meant? Not his fault he got caught?.
    The US should take a page from the Philipines. The kid is being deported. So should the "jokesters". Deported IMMEDIATELY. But no going to happen.
    I have wanted to visit Amsterdam. Thinking now it not a good time. Thinking I don't EVER want to fly Delta. From anywhere to anywhere.
    Sabra, you are flying back soon. Be prepared for a full body search. Because you just know WE will be the ones targeted. I have harder time getting in and out of MY OWN COUNTRY than anywhere else.

  2. "Be prepared for a full body search. Because you just know WE will be the ones targeted." Don't I know it, Linda!

    We quit flying KLM/NWA [now NWA/Delta] a few years ago when Qatar started non-stop from Doha to Washington. Have you done that flight yet? [Of course, we also quit flying anything but Business Class and let me tell you that Qatar Airways BC non-stop from Doha to IAD or JKF makes all the difference when you don't have a four or five hour stopover in Amsterdam.]

    Trust me. I know I am going to be questioned. Pulled aside, rechecked and questioned again. Flying from SA to the States. Alone. White. Blonde. Fair-skinned. Absolutely fit "the" profile.

  3. Can't they simply slice this joker's head off???


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