Wednesday, January 20, 2010

His Truck Raced to First Place! With Update.

Yeah Scott! Congratulations Senator Brown!!! Money well spent. Absolutely thrilled that we were a part of Senator Brown's victory.

Martha Coakley's concession speech was gracious. [Of course she didn't go down without a fight. Her gaffes the last couple of weeks were noteworthy. None as good as last night's though, when she accused Senator Brown's campaign of fraud with a press release dated January 18th. Whether it was a typo or not, we will never know. I rather doubt it. The party she is affiliated with has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves and thinks it is just so slick... If it was a typo, whoever has been doing Martha's typing for her campaign is now looking for a job. Remember, Massachusetts was spelled "Massachusettes" in one of her ads?]

No matter. Massachusetts has spoken. Washington would be doing itself a huge disservice if it doesn't listen.

We all know, though, that the jugearedjackass won't listen and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Karl Rove said that it would be beneficial for the jeja to perhaps get up with Bill Clinton* and learn from the lessons Bill had to learn early on in his first term. Won't happen. The machocistic narcissist in chief is far to brilliant in his own mind to stoop to the level of learning from someone else, regardless of who it is. Just my opinion.

I got no sleep last night. None at all. Clicked on Legal Insurrection in the early evening and followed Professor Jacobson's "live blogging" all night. Could not pull myself away from it. After three or four Diet Cokes, there was no going to bed. Impossible.

*lying sack 'o crap: I knew when he said last week that he and Hillary had gone to Haiti on a late wedding trip and that the island was special that he was spewing nothing but lies. Earlier this week he said he used someone's frequent flyer miles. 1975. Umm hmm. Frequent flyer miles were as yet unheard of then, Bill.

Oh my gosh! How could I?! Here's the "update." The jeja is four for four! He went to Copenhagen to bring the Olympics home to Chicago. He failed. He went to Virginia to campaign for Creigh Deeds. He failed. He went to New Jersey to campaign for Jon Corzine. He failed. And this past Sunday he went to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley. He failed. Again. The man is Epic Fail Personified! [Anyone else up for special election? Who's up in November? Who you gonna call? Oh, do. Please, please, please. Do.]


  1. jeja is like the Angela Lansbury of liberal politics. Everywhere he shows up, something dies....

  2. Watch for a "Minnesota" in Massachusetts. Votes will be "found" giving Coakley the advantage and votes for Brown will be disqualified, if it comes to a recount. ACORN is already on the job.


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