Monday, January 04, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Look at this picture. Read the comments. [There aren't many.] Imagine being stuck in that cluster phukk all because the jugearedjackass has no clue what it means to take charge of a situation and do something about it. The man isn't qualified to open a box of Cracker Jacks. I know. I know. It is all GWB's fault. [Of course it isn't, but he will get the blame.]

A security breach at Newark Airport.* janet the finger puppet will tell us that the system worked. Or some such crap. "A male was observed going in the wrong direction through the security area at the airport's Terminal C, Transporation Security Administration officials told Fox News." Nice. Just luvly.

"There is nothing behond the report that he went the wrong way to suggest there is anything wrong or serious about this situation, a TSA official told Fox News." No. No. Why of course not. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

"The official said this type of situation ahs happened before where a person quite innocently and for whatever reason walks through the security area improperly." BullSh!t, it does! I am an airport expert [when you have as many frequent flyer miles as I do, you can call yourself an expert]. I fly to the States and back from Saudi three - and sometimes four - times a year. We fly other places. I am a world traveler. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN! In all of the flights I have taken - and that is a lot - I have NEVER seen it happen. Alarms go off and those doors are manned. In the States and in foreign airports. Oh, you can bet your bottom that there is a whole lot more to this story than we are being told.

What is it going to take to wake people up to what is happening?!! Someone answer me that.

Mark Steyn tells us exactly what the rest of the world is doing. Laughing at us because we are a joke. These silly little security breaches at airports and all... And you know who I blame for that!

*From Uppity Woman's place, where I saw it first.


  1. I love Mark Steyn.

    They are trying to downplay this as much as possible. Things are heating up and Obama doesn't want to deal with it. Terrorism, the wars, all of this is just getting in the way of his domestic agenda of "fundamentally changing America".

    Right truth

  2. "...all of this is just getting in the way of his domestic agenda of "fundamentally changing America". You got that right, Debbie!

    I made a donation today to Scott Brown. If he can beat Martha Coakley then there won't be a 60 seat majority any more and there will be some wiggle room for debate. Praying. Literally. And keeping my fingers crossed. It isn't everything, but it is a start, and every single little bit we can do to keep the jugearedjackass from further wrecking the United States of America and implementing his phukking fundamental changes is a start.

    Go Scott!!!

  3. Lordluvaduck! I am truly hoping sh*t eases a bit before May when I fly back. Because don't you know, me, a red-headed, fair-skinned, American passport carrying woman will have a more difficult time getting into MY OWN COUNTRY than the dark-haired, bearded, dark-skinned man, between the ages of 18-35, with his handful of passports for his 4 wives and 23 children.

  4. That's it, Linda. I'm sending TSA a warning that you are headed home. You'll get pre-screened, then screened, and pulled out one more time for a third "just in case check." I mean. Come on. You OBVIOUSLY fit the "profile." Like me. Non-brown/black hair, white skin, non-brown/black eyes. They know us - our types... I'm not looking forward to the trip home next month, either, Linda.


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