Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dead workers? Get some more.

Plenty more where those workers came from. See how easy that is? There. Problem solved.

Three workers are dead after drowning in a sewage tank. Apparently one of the men got into trouble in the tank and two other men went in after him. Result? Not good. Surely an accident that could have been prevented. Like many others. Happens all the time, here. No OSHA or anything like that. Interestingly enough, though, the article says, "most accidents that happen in the workplace are due to negligence and not following safety procedures... ...all the safety equipment used should be checked before starting work... ...workers [should] ensure they follow company safety procedures." What safety equipment? What safety procedures!?! And, how about assigning some responsibility [blame!] to the employers who push workers to "work, work, work, work, work safety be dayum'd?" Never mind. I am pretty sure that that thought isn't anywhere near the radar screen when it comes to worker safety.

Maids. Another dead one. Ho hum. Routine. Nothing to see here, folks. The woman, from Indonesia, was "tortured... to death." There is hope. The couple suspected of torturing her has been "detained." No matter. It will all work out that the maid inflicted injuries to herself because she didn't want to sweep the hallway or take out the trash. Or something. So what that she was covered in "burns which were left untreated and became infected." Those burns? No doubt the maid carelessly grabbed the iron from the "hot" bottom of it instead of the handle, or maybe she "accidentally" spilled a vat of boiling water on herself. The couple will be absolved of any and all responsibility in the short term. Like always. Especially since the woman is reportedly in the hospital because she fainted during questioning. Give the couple a few weeks. They will have another maid from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

Gotta call b.s. on a report of a maid killing a sixteen-year-old boy. More to this than is being reported. As of now, the maid is admitting to killing the teen "in revenge for his cruel treatment of her." Cruel treatment? What is that? Code for something else, possibly? Dare I jump to any conclusions? Nah. Why bother? It's just a maid.

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  1. More horrendous examples of Disposable People. I pray to the Christian God that, some century, this practice will be eliminated from the face of this earth. I show my 13 year old son your posts (and others) so that he knows what happens in other areas of the world. Please don't stop broadcasting!


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