Monday, January 04, 2010

Thees 'ole houz iz fer tham.

Conversation this morning between Inam and Hadar...

Inam is leaving for vacation. He has earned it and it is well-deserved. It has been almost three years since he has been home to see his family. I know he has a wife and three children - two sons and a daughter. The oldest is 11 or 12, and the youngest is 4 or 5. [There will probably be a fourth child in about nine months. Purely speculation on my part.] Inam's brother, Hadar, is going to work for him while he is on vacation. Hadar already works here for a couple of other families. This worked out well for us, actually. Hadar will only come three days a week, but he will be here for five or six hours on those days to make up for the work that doesn't get done on the fourth day [Inam has been working four days a week from 7A to 11A]. No problem. I can be flexible for a couple of months.

Hadar was here yesterday with Inam as Inam showed him how things MUST be done at this house. Hadar was here again today with Inam going over everything. I could hear them conversing but could not understand a single word they were saying. Surely the conversation went something like this: "Madam prefers that the bathroom be cleaned with these products and that the work be done in this order. Make sure that you put the plugs back in the proper outlets [my blow-dryer and make-up mirror]." Umm hmm. Sure it did. It probably went something more like this: "If you do this wrong the bee-otch will be all over your a$$. Just plug that in wrong once and she'll blow a gasket. Who cares what difference it makes. Sometimes I do it wrong just to watch her go ballistic. I cannot believe you are willing to do this for me and come and work here so I can take a vacation from this crazy American woman! I owe you, Brother."

As the two of them were getting ready to leave earlier I said, "Inam, did you go out this door while you were here? Both locks were undone." Inam turned to his brother and said something I didn't understand. Apparently Hadar went out the door and didn't lock it when he came back in. [I am afraid one of the doors will get left open and one of The Kids will have an opportunity to go exploring. Not as worried about The Baby as I am The Boy. The Baby doesn't leave my side when we are outside. The Boy on the other hand... The problem is not that The Boy wouldn't come back. The problem is that The Boy wouldn't be able to find his way back!] Back to Inam and Hadar...

I said, "He understands, doesn't he, Inam, that if something happens to The Boy or The Baby..." [Time to use your exit visa.] Inam says, to his brother, "Thees are jist children. Same as son and daughter. Do not scratch him. Do not touch him. Nothing must happen to him. Same same as children. Same same. Thees 'ole houz iz fer them."
[As he motions with his hand in a circle around the living room and dining room - where The Boy and The Baby are sitting watching the door as Inam and Hadar are getting ready to leave.] Hadar smiled and said, "Ya. Ya."

Good thing he only said, "Ya ya." If he would have said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah" that would be it. He would be all done. "Yeah, yeah, yeah" is what Rev says to me. And I cannot have two Rev's in my life.


  1. Well of course this 'ole houz iz fer them, that's the way it should be.

    Our sweet Penelope owns the house, we just live here with her. She is like our baby and if someone let her get out I would truly be very angry.

    Too bad you can't understand everything they say. Oh, wait. Maybe it's better you don't, ha.

    Right Truth

  2. Probably a very good thing I can't understand them, Debbie. Neither one of them would be working here. Got the whole family... Inam. Hadar. Appuk, their Uncle, is my gardener.

    Inam was excited to be done working today to go on vacation and I am truly happy for him. I, personally, don't know how they do it. Go two, three years at a time without seeing their families. I give them a LOT of credit.


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