Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cadillac Station Wagon, GM & Health Care

Years ago I had a Taurus station wagon. It was a GREAT car. Yeah, I know as weird as this sounds, it was a "cool" car. When the Taurus finally died I got a Volvo wagon. The old shape - square, boxy. We sold the Volvo before heading to the Sandbox seven years ago. It was the first time I ever cried over a car. I hated to see it go. [I still miss it!]

I saw an advertisement for a Cadillac station wagon. What? Cadillac makes a station wagon? Really? Gee. Only costs some $38,000 plus - that is for the low-end model, starting price, without "options." For a car. Checked it out, here.

I was scrolling through the site just to see what the deal was with it [mostly I want to know what color it comes in and I could care less about what is under the hood - just make it "go"]. I got to this page. A fire extinguisher costs $5,233.00?! Is that a typo? It has to be. Right? And a first aid kit costs $4,187.00? The reflective triangle costs $2,929.00. Am I so out of touch at this point having lived in the Sandbox for so long that I just don't know the "real" cost of things, there, in the States, lately? Roadside assistance is $12,870.00. How much is an AAA membership? Isn't that one of the reasons you become a member of AAA, for roadside assistance? I know it has got to be a heck of a lot less than $12,870!

No. There is not a chance I would ever pay those prices for any of those things. A fire extinguisher at the fire extinguisher store costs about $40.00. Even the most expensive first aid kit at Target only costs $329.99 - and one can be purchased for a whole lot less than that, even. A quick search turned up a reflective roadside "triangle" for $18.00!

Good grief. What is up with the prices as shown at Cadillac? This is all part of the jeja's foray into the car industry with Cadillac being a part of GM. And he wants to convince us that health care is going to be less expensive under his plan? Yeah. Right. If you believe that one, I have a Sand Castle I want to sell you.


  1. Cadillac has made a station wagon for a long time, it's the car many take their last ride in. A hearse.

  2. Who knew?! I certainly didn't. Thanks, Anonymous.

  3. I read a few Saudi Arabia blogs and yours is the only one which actually mentions Haiti. For the others it seems Haiti doesn't matter at all.

  4. Prices are more reasonable when i look at the cadilac site, like $75 for the whole roadside saftey kit. I suspect the website is reading your IP adress and listing in saudi riyals or even indian rupees, but sticking with the dollar sign.


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