Saturday, January 16, 2010

I dismiss thee I dismiss thee I dismiss thee

[That is how divorce takes place in the Sandbox. The man simply utters, three times, "I divorce thee I divorce thee I divorce thee." And, bam, you are divorced. Simple as that. The man doesn't even have to utter it. He can simply send a text message... No lawyers, no courts, no alimony or child support. Nada. Zilch. Over and done with.]

Phffftt. You are all done. I haven't actually dismissed him yet. Part of me wants to. The other part of me says, "Give it a break. It isn't a big deal." It is though. Someone is lying to me. And that, is what really pisses me off. What happened is not a big deal. A light either got broken or it was stolen. It is a cheap little $10.00 light from Walmart that I put in our last shipment - so we haven't had it all that long. Four months. So, okay, sure. We got our $10.00 out of it. Again, that isn't the point, and that isn't what bothers me.

What bothers me is that someone isn't telling the truth. It pretty much comes down to a single and particular "someone." [Unless someone scaled the wall and took it out of the back yard. I find that scenario pretty unlikely. No one comes into the back yard without us knowing about it. When you have two very alert barking Kids... Heck, no one even walks by the front of the house on the sidewalk without us knowing!]

Appuk is the only one who could be responsible. The pool guy - who, by the way, is another new guy, Nuge - like as in Ted Nugent without the "nt" - he comes on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. He has a key to the back gate - so I guess that he is a possibility. Doubtful. The Kids let me know when Nuge is out there. The Kids let me know when Nuge puts the key into the lock on the back gate! The light was in the back yard on Wednesday so Nuge had to come in on Thursday and I was home all day... The Kids, for sure, would have let me know if Nuge was here on Thursday.

Appuk comes six days a week. He was here on Thursday. It was Thursday that I knew that the light was gone. I spotted that it was missing right away. DH went to play golf Thursday morning and when he got home I asked him if he put the light in the garage - or something. "Nope." Hmmm. Someone is not telling me the truth about the light. I suspect what happened is that it probably got knocked with a rake or the broom - or something - perhaps it was broken. No biggie. I can replace a cheap light. But don't lie to me.

This morning I questioned Appuk about the light. "Oh, no, Madam. I dunno." Got the usual "lights are on no one is home" look from Appuk. Well, Appuk, since you are the only one who was here on Thursday and since the light went missing on Thursday it only makes sense that you doo-no. Just tell me, "Yes, Madam. Light is broken." But don't tell me "I dunno." Appuk has been our gardener since we moved into this house. I would hate to get rid of him over a stupid little light. On the other hand, I cannot - no - I will not - tolerate someone not telling me the truth. Ridiculous. I know. Over something so trivial. With all the other problems in the world, I'm concerned with a $10.00 light from Walmart.


What would you do?
Dismiss Appuk. Immediately.
Beat him with a rake. Or a broom. Maybe a hose.
Dock his pay 37 riyals - the cost of the light. That will teach him.
So what that someone is lying to you. It's a $10.00 light. free polls


  1. I've voted "So what".

    Personally, I'd expect the Towelheads to lie to me. It's what they do. Their Dead Pedophile (Peace be Upon Him) has told them that it is their duty to lie to the Infidels -- the better to catch them off guard and behead them in their sleep.

    I'll bet these servants of your's fantasize about beheading you every day in order to blot out the humiliation of being ordered about by a) a woman, and b) an infidel, and c) an American "occupier".

    Especially over a $10,00 light that All*h told them they have an absolute divine right to because it's shiny, something they can't produce for themselves, and someone else paid for it? Hardly worth the effort.

  2. Is every kid in the third world dumb as a stick? More likely the smart kids will not accept a Saudi indenture. I dunnoe.

  3. I'm sure that my workers are not thrilled with having to work for me Matthew, but their alternative is less pretty - and I don't mean that literally. They could be working for a family that doesn't pay them nearly as much, or worse, for a family that doesn't pay them at all.

    Appuk isn't a kid, vd. He is a 50-something year old man. He should know better, right? There is very little he actually "knows." I get "I dunno" for the majority of responses from Appuk. I've said on previous posts that I think the sun has fried his brain...

  4. Sabra, considering that some of those folks believe that living in caves dodging GPS-guided munitions and US Marines is a more attractive alternatitive than the old "Work-hard-get-good-grades-follow-your-dreams" approach to life, I'd not put so much stock in them being very rational people -- even if the paycheck *is* better.

    I just want to see you return to civilization with all your parts where they beloing, Dear.

  5. I go with Matthew, I would let it go. If it were me, I would probably do everything myself before giving such access to people I don't know.

    But I don't know your situation and I too want you back in one piece.

    Right Truth

  6. wow.. Mathew.. just wow..
    Sometimes you people just amaze me..
    I'm glad some of us Towlheads have some decency to show more respect to your kind..

  7. Last time I checked Americans don't hikjack airliners and fly them into office buildings (I tragedy I managed to survive, thank you very much, and it ruined my health and my career). Americans don't put explosives in their undergarments and try to take several hundred complete strangers with them.

    We don't ride public transport for the sole purpose of blowing ourselves up, nor strap bombs onto the mentally-ill and set them to wander into crowded public spaces to be exploded by remote control.

    We don't indoctrinate children to believe that their greatest goal in life is to commit spectacular (but pointless)suicide that takes others with them. Your culture never made the leap forward from the cesspool of the 7th century, desert nomad mindset.

    I was happy going through life without giving people like you and your second-rate culture a thought. Then nineteen morons (who couldn't get the blond, European girls to date them so they turned to religion) decided that G0d gave them the right to murder 3,000 people to soothe the shame of their humiliation.

    I'll show you some respect when your people solve their problems without Anti-Semitism, Anti-Westernism, and without resort to violence and explosives, because it only causes us to respond in kind. You people turn in the bin Ladens of this world, and perhaps we might begin on the road towards mutual respect.

  8. My two cents worth:
    In my life's experience, a $10 lamp is a pittance. A lie is of course a stab in the back. Perhaps the man is scared sh**less if he did accidentaly break the thing. What would a Saudi employer do to the guy if their lamp was broken/vanished? Would you do the same?
    I say show mercy, at least this time, in light of the possible "Sun Baked Brain Syndrome". If more things "disappear", then get into his sh*t. Till then, tranquilla baby! How do you know one of the Kids didn't break it, and Appuk simply got rid of "the evidence?" Where is Agatha Christie when you need her?

  9. Hi Sabra!
    Happy New Year!

    I hate to sound PC, but you asked him and he told you he knew nothing about it. he might even have broken the light hidden the pieces away and be reluctant to telling you because he's afraid you would dock his wages. That's what a Saudi would do. Yes, I know, there's no onus in lying to a kaffir, especially a woman but:

    If he's telling the truth and you fire him,you've done him an injustice. If he's lying, you've put him on notice that you take such things seriously, so he's been warned. If there's another theft, then he's simply showing contempt, so you can fire him without a moments compunction.

    Take care, OK?



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